Kemerov / Anti-Hero is as irresistible as it is brutal

Four years after the release of their debut album FMKD, Greek four-piece Death ‘n’ Rollers Kemerov are back with another aural assault, Anti-Hero, and if you enjoyed the predecessor, then you won’t be disappointed with this offering. It’s as irresistible as it is brutal.

Kemerov – Anti-Hero (One Two Six Records/

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Jools Green

Anti-Hero is nine tracks spanning a crushing thirty-nine minutes that definitely has an air of Entombed to its inspiration, but most importantly, it still manages to be a unique beast.

I love every aspect of this album, particularly the superbly raw, scathing vocal delivery, which is equally matched by the well-varied drum battery and unrelenting guitarwork. Every track is a unique gem. The opener, Fabricated Gods, is filled with filthy riffs and searing second half shreds with a filthy but groovy finish.

Kemerov - cover of Anti-Hero
Kemerov – Anti-Hero

The dirty distorted riffing of Anti-Hero Tights has punk undertones, with blistering leadwork completing this addictive little number. The next track, Nail, lets loose an addictively groovy Death ‘n’ Roll on your ears, culminating in a blistering second-half lead burst. Count Me Out follows on in a similar manner, with searing second half leadwork and rocking riffs to the close.

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There are a few extra surprises in the next few tracks. On Channelling Hatred, the pace plummets to one that is verging on doomy. It’s a dark, scathing and crushing track with second-half leadwork that has a slight psychedelic/stoner vibe.

Then you get Hate Speech, which is a driving, acerbic d-beat beast with a filthy undercurrent and a dirty doomy, soundbite infused mid-point drop.

Free From Sin takes on a slight Bolt Thrower groove, but it doesn’t try to copy them. Instead, Kemerov just adds a subtle Bolt Thrower vibe. To complement that, the intonation and phraseology, rather than the overall sound to the vocals, takes on a Dave Ingram, “Honour-Valour-Pride era” leaning, just slightly.

Things resume to a normal level of aural assault with Ungatz, which delivers an up-tempo crusty Death-punk groove, with a touch of Terbonegro but with brutal vocals, to the sound.

Firstly, the final offering Black Right Hands, is an almost nine-minute monster with a haunting piano opener of almost two minutes duration, which definitely leaves you wondering just what Kemerov has in stall for their finale. It moves into a dirty doomy soundscape punctuated with repeating guitarwork before rampaging off into a no holds barred galloping filthy onslaught that has subtle echoes of Bolt Thrower and Entombed and an all essential rise and fall to the pace. A necessary factor for a lengthy track, which finally closes on another piece of extended piano work. A fascinating and complex album closer.

Anti-Hero is such an in your face and addictive listen it’s guaranteed to drop kick you into next week!

Anti-Hero is available from as a CD or digital download.

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