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Absque Cor / Raw Black Metal with unpredictable surprises

Album Review: Absque Cor - Na Zawsze Cieniem…: A Raw and Intense Polish Black Metal Offering with Atmospheric Depths | Release Date: November 24, 2023 Words: Jools Green #AbsqueCor @godz_ov_war_productions

The Blue Lena / Timeless Blues Rock with a Fresh Twist

Album Review: The Blue Lena - Darkwood. A Timeless Wonder of Blues Rock. Authentic, live-sounding production and masterful musicianship of this British septet. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @the_blue_lena

Black Pyre Return With A Powerful Welsh Black Metal Album

Album Review: Black Pyre - Fall of the Northern Kingdom. Black Pyre returns: with a potent and heady mix of old-school and contemporary Black Metal. Impressive. Words: @hutchie224 @blackpyreband

Void Below / World Undone, A Lovecraft-inspired Death Metal Journey

Album Review: The dark, Lovecraft-inspired world of Void Below in World Undone. Dive in the abyss of their haunting Death Metal sound with an eerie atmosphere. Words: Jools Green @voidbelowband

John Wetton / Discovering The Gems In The Bonus Discs

Uncover the hidden treasures of John Wetton's boxset with the captivating bonus discs. Experience soulful covers, acoustic guitar masterpieces, and rare demos that showcase his incredible musical diversity.

John Wetton / The Legacy Of His Solo Albums

Album Review: John Wetton: An Extraordinary Life - A Must-Have 8 CD Boxset Celebrating the Pioneering Music of an Iconic UK Musician. Part One - The Solo Albums. Words: Adrian Stonley @johnwettonlegacy

KK’s Priest / The Metal Heaviness Of The Sinner Rides Again

KK's Priest: The Sinner Rides Again - A Superbly Savage Sophomore Album with Thrilling Melodic Force | Album Review. Sure to delight Metal fans everywhere. Review: Jodie Louise @kkspriest @napalmrecordsofficial

Tattoo Molly / Classic Rock Vibe But With More Bite

Album Review: The explosive debut album from Tattoo Molly - Power. Delivering high-energy rock 'n' roll with gritty riffs, soaring solos, and exuberant vocals. Words: @sophzrocks @tattoomollyuk

Bernie Marsden / Working Man A Testament To A Musical Legend

The legacy of beloved guitarist Bernie Marsden in last recorded work, Working Man. This tasteful and heartfelt album showcases his masterful playing and soulful vocals. @berniemarsden @conquest_music_ltd

Sodom / A Raw And Fiery Thrash Metal Journey Back To 1982

Rediscover the rawest edge of German Thrash Metal with Sodom's 1982 EP. Dive into their blistering tracks, reminiscent of Venom, Motörhead, and Slayer. Available on vinyl and CD for the first time! Words: @hutchie224 @sodom_band_official @steamhammer.official

Athiria / A Ferocious Return To The Death Metal Scene

Album Review: Athiria - Conjure The Beast. A Fusion of Black and Death Metal with Intense Tracks and Fiery Melodies. An album you will want to check out. Words: @hutchie224 @athiria666

The Filthy Tongues Bring Dark Passions With Black Valentine

Album Review: The world of Scottish cult rockers, The Filthy Tongues. Black Valentine showcases gothic blues vibes with a Celtic burr and intense soundscapes. Words: Ian Sutherland @thefilthytongues

Aglo An Exciting Death/Doom Metal Journey Through The Cosmos

Aglo - Build Fear: Merging Metal and Star Trek! A slow, crushing cosmic journey with down-tuned guitars and Death Metal vibes. Resistance may prove futile. Worship the Almighty Riff! Words: Jools Green @aglobrutal

Shylmagoghnar / Rich Black Metal Demands Your Full Attention

Album Review: Shylmagoghnar - Convergence (Napalm Records). A mesmerising blend of atmospheric Black Metal, haunting instrumentals, and mind-bending compositions. Words: @hutchie224 @shylmagoghnar_official @napalmrecordsofficial

Adam And The Metal Hawks: A Resurgence Of Classic US Rock

Album review: Adam And The Metal Hawks - Hurry Up And Wait. Hard-driving rock, and a touch of blues. This is a band leading the resurgence of classic US rock. Words: Adrian Stonley @amhband

WarCrab / The Howling Silence A Death Metal/Sludge Triumph

WarCrab - The Howling Silence: A Powerful Blend of Death Metal and Sludge with New Dimensions | Transcending Obscurity Records. This album nails it as a studio offering. Words: Jools Green @transcendingobscurity @warcrab_official

blink-182 / Ranking The Songs On One More Time

blink-182 - Ranking The Songs On One More Time, their self-proclaimed "Best record we've ever written." DeLonge Returns After a Decade! Certainly a must-listen. Ranking: @bentsphotos @blink182

Die Ego / A Night Of Metal Madness At New Cross Inn

Die Ego Live at New Cross Inn: A Night of Powerful Metal and Energetic Performances. Plus from Canada, Saints Of Death. Supported by Everburn and Sanhedrin. Words and Photography: @rock_pixs @die.ego.metal @saintsofdeath @everburnuk @sanhedrin_uk @newcrossinn
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