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Virtual Symmetry release one of the best albums of 2022, with an uplifting, vibrant feel

Virtual Symmetry – Virtual Symmetry (Sensory). Virtual Symmetry is one of the best albums of 2022, with an uplifting, vibrant feel. @virtualsymmetryofficial @hutchie224

Enuff Z’Nuff always manage to conjure up something great on every album

Album Review - Enuff Z'Nuff - Finer Than Sin (Frontiers) - Always manage to conjure up something great on every album. It's a punchy album that fans will enjoy.

Like A Beast, W.A.S.P. and Armored Saint put on a fierce show in Montclair, New Jersey

Concert Review - W.A.S.P - Armored Saint - The Wellmont Theater, New Jersey - 17 November 2022. The anticipation for W.A.S.P.'s homecoming American tour has been brewing ever since their last time touring the country over a decade ago. Photo: @shannonwilk_ @waspnationofficial @thearmoredsaint

Iron Maiden / The heavyweight versus featherweight battle in The Number Of The Beast

On the 22 March 1982, Iron Maiden rewrote the Heavy Metal rulebook with the release of their iconic album The Number Of The Beast. Today the 40 Anniversary Edition is released

Beneath The Embers / Condemned is an enticingly brutal Metalcore/Thrash debut

Beneath The Embers - Condemned if you are a fan of the range of music from Metalcore to classic rock, then consider yourself in good hands with Condemned. @beneathembers Words and Photo: @lawrence89_photography

The Bloody Hell / Nobody Cares of great interest to punk and horror punk fans

Canadian Punk Rockers The Bloody Hell, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, finally return with their follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut album, with the nine-track, twenty-eight-minute offering, Nobody Cares. @thebloodyhellhfx

Suzi Quatro / Uncovered is an excellent insight into the artist

Suzi Quatro, The Queen of rock 'n' roll, has been putting her in-between concert time to excellent use with the release of a six-track EP called Uncovered.

Speglas / Time, Futility and Death delivers an impactful punch

Swedish melancholic dark-rock/DeathMetal outfit Speglas, masterminded by Isak Rosemarin, return with their second EP, Time, Futility and Death. @speglas @pulverised

Lee Aaron / Elevate shows that class is permanent

Lee Aaron - Elevate is another rich seam of radio-friendly rockers which continues the form that she's been demonstrating since her return to music in 2016. @leeaaron.music Photo: @inglisnomad @metalvillerecords

Last In Line / A Day In The Life EP shows what we have been missing

A Day In The Life EP, it finally feels like Andrew Freeman, Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice and Phil Soussan might finally have a chance to re-ignite some well-deserved momentum. @lastinlineofficial @earmusic

No fall likely as Rome continues to surprise with album number 17

Taking a punt on a band you've heard of but never paid much attention to a joy of this hobby. Having spent time with Hegemonikon, the desire now? A Deep dive.

Tuk Smith / Ballad Of A Misspent Youth packed with perfectly performed earthy grit

Tuk Smith and The Restless Hearts. The quality of the compositions makes Ballad Of A Misspent Youth so enjoyable. Perfectly performed, it is packed with powerful anthems that work in whichever setting you can think of. Words: @hutchie224 @tuk.smith

Vinnie Moore / It may be last orders for UFO, but there remains plenty of gas in Moore’s tank

Double Exposure. Vinnie Moore / It may be last orders for UFO, but there remains plenty of gas in Moore's tank. Photo: @rock_pixs @vinnie_moore_guitarist Words: @hutchie224

Devin Townsend / Lightwork is the perfect antidote to lockdown fever

Devin Townsend has never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and with Lightwork, that's the lasting effect. It's a healing album, and it's beautiful. @dvntownsend

The Offering / Seeing the Elephant provides much food for thought

The Offering - Seeing the Elephant (Century Media) An album that provokes and questions in all the right places. Clever, Progressive Metal, diving deep will reap rewards. @theofferingbandofficial @centurymediarecords

Sodom / Teutonic thrash veterans celebrate 40 years of noise in their unique fashion

Sodom – 40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom (S.P.V. / Steamhammer). You don't have a music career that long if you're not doing what you do very well indeed. @sodom_band_official

Vio-Lence / Legendary Bay Area thrashers roll back time with reissue of 1988 masterpiece

Vio-Lence – Eternal Nightmare (Metal Blade Records). A stellar package to celebrate one of the most revered Thrash Metal albums of all time. A trip down memory lane never felt so good. Words: @hutchie224 @vio_lence_band @metalbladerecords

Ugly Kid Joe returns with their finest album to date

Ugly Kid Joe - Rad Wings Of Destiny (Metalville). Over three decades since their formation, Ugly Kid Joe returns with their finest album to date. @uglykidjoeofficial Words: @brian_boyle_72
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