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Pyrexia Reimagine Brutal Death Metal Classic System Of The Animal for 25th Anniversary

Pyrexia sound brutal like never before with the reimagined release of System Of The Animal 25. This album will reignite your love for Brutal Death Metal. Words: Jools Green @pyrexiaofficial

Einar Solberg / 16 – A Cinematic Journey Through Life’s Defining Moments

The emotional life-defining moments of Einar Solberg in 16. With haunting cello and Solberg's incredible vocal range, this album is cinematic and beautiful. Words: Robert Adams @einar_solberg @insideoutmusic

The Unresolved – Convalescence Proves Curiosity Has Its Many Rewards

Discover the new release from The Unresolved, Convalescence, and delve into the intricate vocal and instrumental nuances and lyrical themes that make it a must-listen album. Words: Sophie James @the_unresolvedband

The Arcane Order Returns With Epic Danish Extreme Metal Album, Distortions From Cosmogony

The Arcane Order returns with a much-awaited follow-up to their 2015 album. Distortions From Cosmogony, weaves elements of melodic death metal and technical riffs. Danish Extreme Metal at its finest. Words: Jools Green @thearcaneorderofficial @blacklionrecordsswe

Sirenia / Everything That Is Truly Glorious About Symphonic Metal

Gothic/Symphonic Metal shines on Sirenia's latest album, 1977. Powerful vocals and bombastic symphonic arrangements captured by Morten Veland's excellent production. Words: Sophie James @sireniabandofficial @napalmrecordsofficial

Envy Of None Take You on a Thrilling Journey with Their Latest EP

The ethereal and modern sound of Envy Of None, featuring remixes from debut album and three new songs. A magical carpet ride of soaring vocals and guitarwork. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @envyofnone_ @kscopemusic

Screaming Dead / Ride With The Dead, horror punk causing a stir

Legendary horror punk band Screaming Dead is back with Ride With The Dead, causing a stir with their well-crafted tracks packed with subtle sinister touches. Review: Jools Green @screamingdeadband

The Atlantic Years / Ratt – Great Musicians With Bloody Great Songs

RATT - The Atlantic Years proves that despite the sneering and snobbery towards their sometimes alarming appearance, they were great musicians with bloody great songs, and their music has stood the test of time. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @bmguk @bmg_us @ratt

Ruïm and the powerful Black Metal of Black Royal Spiritism – I-O Sino da Igreja

Ruïm / The powerful Black Metal of Black Royal Spiritism - I-O Sino da Igreja. A commandingly powerful listen of inspirational quality, lyrical content and delivery. Words: Jools Green @black.royal.spiritism @peacevillerecords

Weapon Returns with New Clear Power: a Must-listen for Metalheads in 2023

Weapon release New Clear Power with a return to their original name. With guests like Tino Troy and Steve Mann, this album is a must-listen for any Metalhead. Words: Dave Bonney

The wonder and might of Uriah Heep in picture disc form

Celebrate 50 years of Uriah Heep with these picture disc releases! Rediscover their underrated mid-70s albums Wonderworld and High And Mighty, featuring classic tracks and much-missed band members. Don't miss out! Words: Ian Sutherland @bmguk @uriahheepofficial

Elegant Weapons / Horns For A Halo shows this supergroup mean business

Supergroup Elegant Weapons mean business on stellar debut album, Horns For A Halo. Richie Faulkner, Ronnie Romero and a great mix of old-school and modern Metal. Words: @hutchie224 @elegantweaponsband @falconfaulkner @ro_ck_nnie @davey_rimmer @cwilliamsdrums @nuclearblastrecords

Blind River / Bones For The Skeleton Thief will shake your foundations

Blind River - Bones For The Skeleton Thief. Ten songs of hard and heavy perfection, with no filler. Grab a beer and prepare to be blown away. Out 25 May 2023.

Zac And The New Men / The Thunderous Riffs And Reflective Whispers Of Genre Spanning Magnificence

Get ready to be blown away by Zac and The New Men's debut album, Reinvent Me, blending classic influences with contemporary themes and anthemic melodies. Words: Sophie James @zacandthenewmen

Ashen Reach Haunts With New Single Ghosts – A Next-level Symphonic Metal Sensation

Discover the highly anticipated new EP from Ashen Reach with their lead single, Ghosts. Atmospheric, sophisticated, and engaging, this is next-level stuff you won't want to miss! @ashenreach

Born Into The Twisting Rope – Explosive Debut from Industrial Puke

Born Into The Twisting Rope: A Short, Sharp & to-the-Point Album from Industrial Puke. Featuring 10 tracks of crushing riffs and direct expressions of anger. Words: Jools Green @industrialpuke @suicide_records

Frozen Soul / No warmth from cold-blooded Texans in their second release

The icy imagery of Frozen Soul's sophomore release, Glacial Domination. Expanding sound and newness, this winter-tinged Death Metal album demands a response. Words: @hutchie224 @frozensoultx @centurymediarecords

Ring of Gyges / Icelandic Progressive Metallers take the breath away with sophomore release

The intricate and powerful Progressive Metal of Ring Of Gyges sophomore release, Metamorphosis. With heavy riffs and soaring vocals this album is a must-listen. Words: @hutchie224 @ringofgyges @vicisolum
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