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Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse, A Soulful, Genre-Blending Road Trip

Album Review: Explore Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse Hot Nostalgia Radio, blending rock, soul, and blues for an unforgettable musical journey. Words: Emma Brown @beauxgrisgris

Korpiklaani / Rankarumpu Delivers High-Speed Folk Metal Frenzy

Album Review: Korpiklaani - Rankarumpu excites with fast Folk Metal, tackling war themes amidst Finnish tales. A dynamic blend of energy and cultural depth. Words: Jodie Louise @official_korpiklaani @nuclearblastrecords

Lee Aaron / Canada’s Metal Queen Continues To Surprise

Album Review: Lee Aaron: Tattoo Me reimagines classics with a twist. From Zeppelin to Hole, her smoky vocals and fresh takes breathe new life into old favorites. Words: @hutchie224 @metalvillerecords

Ingested / Latest Masterpiece A Brutal Odyssey Of Resilience

Album Review: Explore the 8th Ingested album, The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams. A brutal blend of life's struggles and triumphs, it is their best work yet. Words: Jools Green @ingested @metalbladerecords

Oli Brown & The Dead Collective – Epilogue A Testament To Underrated Genius

Epilogue by Oli Brown & The Dead Collective redefines the EP, blending gospel, blues, and rock into a mesmerizing musical journey. A must-listen. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @olibrownofficial

Vorga / New Album Takes Black Metal To Cosmic Heights

Album Review: Vorga - Beyond The Palest Star (Transcending Obscurity Records) 29 March 2024. Every track builds with promise and most importantly, delivers.

Gun / Hombres Makes You Feel Glad To Be Alive

Album Review: Gun – Hombres (Cooking Vinyl). A real celebration and a genuine contender for Album Of The Year, Gun have absolutely smashed it. Welcome to the family. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @gunofficialuk @cookingvinyl

Coffin Storm / The Feisty Doom-tinged Metal Of Arcana Rising

Album Review: Coffin Storm – Arcana Rising (Peaceville). A work of many years, Coffin Storm's debut is an album that every fan of Doom-tinged Metal should hear. Words: @hutchie224 @coffin_storm @peacevillerecords

Preacher Stone / The Succulent Classic Southern Style Of V

Album Review: Discover the fifth Preacher Stone album V, a high-quality classic Southern rock blend with soulful vocals, searing lead work, and lush keyboards. Words: @hutchie224 @preacherstone

Ashen Reach / The Fear Is The Soundtrack To Approaching Storms

Album Review: Ashen Reach – The Fear - Out 22 March 2024. The Fear warrants the utmost acclaim. As a pathfinder towards their second full-length, the future is even more appealing. Words: @sophzrocks @ashenreach

Khold Unveils Grim Concept Album Du Dømmes Til Død

Album Review: Khold Unveils Grim Concept Album Du Dømmes Til Død About Condemned Henchmen Throughout Norwegian History. A superb album from start to finish. Words: Jools Green @kholdofficial @soulsellerrecords

Necrophobic Show Their Relevance With Stunning Tenth Album

Album Review: Necrophobic – In The Twilight Grey (Century Media). Without doubt as ferocious and powerful as anything the band has ever released. Stunning. Words: @hutchie224 @necrophobic.official @centurymediarecords

The Now Capture Visceral Live Shows In Too Hot To Handle

Album Review: The Now – Too Hot To Handle (Trew Music). Great songs, intelligent writing, intuitive production, lyrics that mean something real and a band performing like their lives depended on it. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @thenowuk

Udåd / The Primal Black Metal Feeling Of Thomas Eriksen

Udåd - Udåd. It has all the old-school attractions but with good quality production and, without being overproduced, is absolute perfection. Words: Jools Green @peacevillerecords @mork.official

DragonForce / The Breakneck Mayhem Of Warp Speed Warriors

Album review: DragonForce - Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm Records). DragonForce are unrivalled in the world of, dare I say it, Nintendo Metal. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @dragonforcehq @napalmrecordsofficial

Pantheïst / Underground Status Belies Their Quality And Class

The remarkable EP Kings Must Die by Pantheist, a blend of doom-laden riffs and operatic vocals. A band whose underground status belies their quality and class. Words: @hutchie224 @pantheistband

Midnight / Hellish Expectations, Adding Exhilaration In Your Life

Album review: Midnight - Hellish Expectations (Metal Blade Records). If you need a bit of exhilaration in your life, this might just meet that remit for you. Words: Jools Green @midnightviolators @metalbladerecords

Skeletal Remains Deliver A Level Of Death Metal That Few Meet

Album Review: Skeletal Remains – Fragments Of The Ageless (Century Media). The bludgeoning impact of a fierce Death Metal LP that demands respect and attention. Words: @hutchie224 @skeletalremainsofficial @centurymediarecords
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