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The Cherry Red Boxsets / The Toweringly Great Magnum

The Immersive Magnificent World of Magnum – Great Adventures : The Jet Years 1978-1983. Discover the Underrated Rock Legends and Their Pomp Rock Delights.

The Cherry Red Boxsets / The Remarkable Oliver/Dawson Saxon

The magic of Oliver/Dawson Saxon six-disc set: Screaming Eagles : The Complete Works. Hard rock and Metal that bridged the gap between NWOBHM and modern Metal.

The Cherry Red Boxsets / The Feral, Athletic Metal Of Raven

The Wild World of Raven - Cherry Red Boxset: Faster Than The Speed Of Light. Experience the feral energy and face-melting Metal of this legendary band.

The Cherry Red Boxsets / The incendiary promise of Hanoi Rocks

Discover the five-disc collection of treasures of Hanoi Rocks with Cherry Red Records box set, The Days We Spent Underground 1981-1984.

Akercocke – Decades Of Devil Worship a superb testament

Relive the glory days of Akercocke with Decades of Devil Worship, in an iconic live set. A unique blend of Progressive Blackened Death Metal and satanic lyrics. @akercockeband @peacevillerecords

Greta Van Fleet / With Starcatcher, the world is there for the taking

Greta Van Fleet - Starcatcher Album: A Remarkable Journey of Maturity and Musical Brilliance. A unique and remarkable album, the world is there for the taking. Photo: @bentsphotos @gretavanfleet

Somniate / We Have Proved Death a Dark and Dystopian Black Metal Offering

Somniate - We Have Proved Death. A dark, sophisticated Black Metal offering Inspired by In Watermelon Sugar, a Twisted Post-Apocalyptic novel.

Calligram Unleash Position | Momentum, a Caustic Celebration of Pain and Chaos

The caustic celebration of pain, death, and chaos in Calligram album, Position | Momentum. Brutally melding Black Metal with Hardcore, a breathless sensory assault Words: Jools Green @calligram_uk @prostheticrecords

Gutslit / Carnal, another slab of murder, torture and gore

Album Review: Gutslit – Carnal (Independent). This eight-track, twenty-nine-minute offering is an utter face blaster from the offset. Murder, torture and gore. Words: Jools Green @gutslit

Am I Evil? A Twisted Tale Based on the Classic Diamond Head Song

Experience the nostalgia of old comic books with Am I Evil? - A twisted and graphic tale that will transport you to a fantasy world. Support the print version on Indiegogo Words: @hutchie224 @amievilcomic @diamond_head_official

Serpent Of Old / Death/Black Metal with progressive flair and organic fluidity

Serpent Of Old - Debut album, Ensemble Under The Dark Sun, is a Death/Black Metal masterpiece with progressive flair and technical excellence. @serpentofold @transcendingobscurity

I, Danny McCormack / Once A Wildheart Always A Wildheart

The activities of rock stars have captured imaginations, inspired people to pick up an instrument, and generated moral panic, further glamorising the sometimes embellished lifestyles documented with dark glamour. This has created...

Static Abyss / Aborted From Reality a Gore-infused Death Doom Masterpiece

Aborted From Reality. From horror and gore masterminds Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert of Static Abyss, its an aural assault of insane riffs and twisted lyrics. @static_abyss @peacevillerecords

Virgin Steele take on the gods with creative masterpiece

Virgin Steele release the masterpiece The Passion of Dionysus. With over 77 minutes of Metal operatic style and dramatic storytelling, this album is stunning. Words: @hutchie224 @virginsteele @steamhammer.official

Y&T / The Phenomenal Power Of Hard Rock Legends In Yesterday And Today Live

Yesterday and Today Live by hard rock legends Y&T show their raw energy and authentic grit that outshone the Hair Metal era. The tour de force of San Francisco's top Metalheads. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @ yandtfanpage

Steve Lukather / Bridges an AOR Masterpiece and Tribute to Toto Legacy

Steve Lukather - Legendary musician's ninth studio effort, Bridges, bridges the gap between his solo music and Toto, featuring appearances from past Toto members and co-writing from Joseph Williams and David Paich. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @stevelukatherofficial @mascotlabelgroup

The Dazzling Fretwork of Master Guitarist Pat McManus, Live in France

The consummate performer, Pat McManus, and his band Live in France. From Mamas Boys to Celtus, this album is a great starting point for discovering this respected guitarist and his crack band.

Pyramaze / Bloodlines is a sparkling example of melodic excellence

Pyramaze. Fourth full-length album, Bloodlines, is a symphonic and melodic journey that straddles the breadth of the band's styles. With lush melodies, textured layers and Haroy's clean vocals, it's an album worth diving into. Words: @hutchie224 @pyramazeofficial @afm.records
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