Interview / The Brian Slagel Metal Blade Records Story – Part Three

INTERVIEW: From vinyl to CDs and back: How Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records learned to embrace new technology and navigate industry challenges. Part Three. Words: @hutchie224 @metalbladerecords @brianslagel

Interview / The Brian Slagel Metal Blade Records Story – Part Two

INTERVIEW: From vinyl to CDs and back: How Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records learned to embrace new technology and navigate industry challenges. Part Two. Words: @hutchie224 @metalbladerecords @brianslagel

Warfare / Paul ‘Evo’ Evans on Metal Anarchy with Motörhead

Warfare - Metal Anarchy, reissued by Cherry Red Records featuring a mix by Motörhead's Lemmy. Paul 'Evo' Evans on the legacy and more unreleased material. Interview: Alex Erputor @warfareband @cherryredrecords @officialmotorhead

Luke Morley Interview / The Thunder legacy, future and Danny Bowes Health

Thunder releases expanded editions of iconic albums, and in our interview with Luke Morley, we talk about the band's status in the rock world, Danny Bowes' health, and the future. Experience the quintet's high-quality classic hard rock that's won the hearts of fans for years.

Wednesday 13 Talks Inspiration, Murderdolls And Why He Always Stayed True

Discover how Wednesday 13 created Horrifier, amidst Covid-19. Interview Part Two reveals the inspiration behind videos, songwriting and impressive history. Words and Photography: @andyshaw16 @mrmotherfucker13

Luke Morley Interview / Thunder and the follow-up albums to Backstreet Symphony

INTERVIEW - Luke Morley. Thunder - Luke Morley on pressure of following Backstreet Symphony with Laughing on Judgement Day, his experience producing the album, and the impact of grunge. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @thunderonline @bmguk

Luke Morley Interview / How Thunder took Backstreet Symphony to Donington – Part Two

Luke Morley - The making of the Thunder debut album, Backstreet Symphony, and their rise to fame in the UK. Read the MetalTalk interview with Luke Morley. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @thunderonline @bmguk

Luke Morley Interview / How Thunder rose from the ashes of Terraplane – Part One

Terraplane to Thunder: A story of resilience and finding true musical freedom. Luke Morley shares how Andy Taylor's advice was the catalyst for a 30-year career in rock. @robert_sutton_photography Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @thunderonline @bmguk

INTERVIEW – Wednesday 13 – ‘We took off some of the hair spray and put some blood on it’

INTERVIEW - Wednesday 13 - Part One. Discover the story behind Wednesday 13 latest album, Horrifier, and how the band overcame the struggles of Covid-19 to create their best work yet. Words and Photography: @andyshaw16 @mrmotherfucker13

Interview / The Brian Slagel Metal Blade Records story – Part One

Interview - Brian Slagel, the CEO of the most influential Heavy Metal record company. From Metal Blade Records beginnings to his latest book, Swing Of The Blade.Interview: @hutchie224 @metalbladerecords

Exclusive / Danny Rexon Talks Crazy Lixx, Frontiers, W.A.S.P and reviving ’80s Hard Rock

Danny Rexon - Crazy Lixx - W.A.S.P, extended deal with Frontiers, including new albums. He also talks about his work with Chez Kane and his music video concepts. Interview: @taylorcamphotos @dannyrexon @crazylixx @frontiersmusicsrl @chez_kane

Lordi / Exclusive Interview with Hella and Mana

Interview with Hella and Mana from Lordi. We learn more about the band's horror-themed escapism and dedication to their music ahead of Screem Writers Guild tour. @lordiofficial @hellaoflordi @manaoflordi @atomicfirerecords

Thomas Eriksen – Mork / A Haunting Evolution To Black Metal

Explore the Mork evolution in Black Metal with MetalTalk's interview with Thomas Eriksen. Discover the haunting quality of their latest album, Dypet.

Alcatrazz Unleash Epic Heavy Metal Anthem Battlelines

Check out the new Alcatrazz epic Heavy Metal anthem Battlelines, and hear from the band themselves in an exclusive interview with MetalTalk. @alcatrazz_official Interview: @pmonkhouse1

Interview: Last in Line – Jericho an epic journey of hard-hitting riffs

Get ready to rock with Last In Line new album, Jericho! MetalTalk's Steve Ritchie chats with Andrew Freeman about the release and their plans for the year ahead. Interview: @rock_pixs @andrewfreemanofficial @lastinlineofficial

Interview: Paul Gilbert / ‘I would have been thrilled’ to join Dio

Paul Gilbert Interview. Paul Gilbert is a busy man right about now. He is about to release The Dio Album, an album of covered Ronnie James Dio songs and also embarks on a farewell world tour with Mr. Big. @paulgilbert_official @_ronniejamesdio Photo: Sam Gehrke.

Andrew Freeman talks Last In Line and Jericho as the world waits

Last In Line release their third album, Jericho. MetalTalk's Steve Ritchie spoke to the king of vocal pipes, Andrew Freeman, to dig deeper. Photo/Interview: @rock_pixs @lastinlineofficial @andrewfreemanofficial

World exclusive / The Bloody Nerve are bloody good

The Bloody Nerve share Hard, Hard Winter, exclusively to MetalTalk readers. The song is Act 3, Episode 1 of their organic concept album All Blood, No Treasure Interview: @rock_pixs @thebloodynerve
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