Joe Lynn Turner / The industry changed, the world changed, and I changed

Joe Lynn Turner talks in depth about his hair loss, Peter Tägtgren, the state of the world, Glenn Hughes, Bob Dylan, the circus, guitars and guitarists, and why he has gone thoroughly badass on Belly Of The Beast. @joelynnturnerofficial

Clutch / Neil Fallon shoots the breeze with MetalTalk ahead of UK Tour

Clutch - With Sunrise On Slaughter Beach released and a much anticipated UK tour soon, MetalTalk's Paul Monkhouse caught up with Neil Fallon to shoot the breeze. @clutchofficial @pmonkhouse1

Big Mono / We love big chunky riffs, soaring, proper lead rockstar vocals, says Neil Fish

Born from the merger of the remaining instrumental section of the Stoner Metal band Godsized and the unique vocal tone of singer Drew Davis from the Mercy House, Big Mono saw their inception during the Covid-19 lockdowns. @bigmonoband Interview @danybass18

Massive Wagons / Baz Mills says he is excited to get back out on the road

Massive Wagons release the album Triggered and will tour in November with Ugly Kid Joe. @massivewagons @earacherecords Photo: @stuartisteed_photography

Iron Allies / Herman Frank and David Reece a match made in Heavy Metal heaven

Herman Frank and David Reece may not have crossed paths during their times in Accept, but with their new band Iron Allies, they have built a solid friendship. Interview: @rock_pixs @ironallies @afm.records

Keith Wallen / “I couldn’t wait to come back to London”

Keith Wallen. The Breaking Benjamin star is on a solo tour of Europe along with RED. MetalTalk spoke to Wallen after his awesome show at 229 in London. Photo: @rock_pixs @kjwallen @breakingbenjamin @danybass18

Mark Tremonti / Portrait of an Artist

Mark Tremonti is one of the good guys. The Alter Bridge guitarist greeted MetalTalk with a warm to talk about their forthcoming Pawns and Kings album.

Francis Dunnery talks Blues, astrology, It Bites and being frank

"I am a huge Francis Dunnery fan - and he certainly keeps us rock journos on our toes with his huge and epic range of music and live gigs." It Bites play in January. @francis_dunnery

Interview / Mark Tremonti, Alter Bridge, winners in the game

Mark Tremonti interview. Alter Bridge release Pawns & Kings. Mark talks about their early career, how important the UK is to their success and the dark days of ABIII. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @pmonkhouse1 @officialalterbridge @markttremonti @tremontiofficial @officialmyleskennedy

Interview / Spike – Quireboys and the Rebirth of the rock ‘n’ roll Vagabond

"This is a new lease of life," Spike says. "Everything is gonna be great." @quireboysspike Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @pmonkhouse1

Goatwhore / Louis B. Falgoust II is a master of his craft, says Sammy Duet

Goatwhore. On the eve of the release of Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven, Sammy Duet was good enough to have a chat with MetalTalk's Paul Hutchings about the album, touring, the NOLA scene and what to expect from their 2023 European tour with Revocation. @goatwhorenola Interview: @hutchie224

Those Damn Crows / “Rock music is just soaring,” Shane Greenhall says

Those Damn Crows are Tour with Monster Truck. Andy Shaw caught up with lead singer Shane Greenhall before the band would hit the stage at KK's Steel Mill. @thosedamncrows Photo: @andyshaw16

Brad Walst, Three Days Grace / “Matt’s come a long way, so I’m excited for the future”

Interview - Brad Walst - Three Days Grace. MetalTalk caught up with bassist and founder of the band, Brad Walst, on the second night of their European tour. Words: @danybass18 Photo: @rock_pixs @threedaysgraceofficial @mattjpwalst

Wendy Dio / “I’m so happy that people are still listening to Ronnie’s music”

Wendy Dio interview, Part Three. We cover Dio, the band, the dragon and how happy Wendy is that people are still listening to Ronnie's music. @_ronniejamesdio

Wendy Dio / “Ronnie loved the Black Sabbath camaraderie”

Dio: Dreamers Never Die. MetalTalk spoke with Wendy Dio, widow of the Heavy Metal legend Ronnie James Dio. In part two, they cover Rainbow and Black Sabbath. @_ronniejamesdio

Wendy Dio / “We wanted to portray Ronnie James Dio throughout his life”

One Night In The City of London, next week, the emotional new Ronnie James Dio film, Dio: Dreamers Never Die, will hit the cinemas. @_ronniejamesdio

Mark Tremonti / Recording Frank Sinatra was “one of the best moments of my career.”

Interview - Mark Tremonti and MetalTalk discuss the much-lauded passion project of Tremonti's recently released Frank Sinatra swing album for Down Syndrome. @markttremonti @rock_pixs @pmonkhouse1

Dave Hill / Legendary live shows of Slade shows All The World Is A Stage

To celebrate the Slade legacy, the box set, All The World Is A Stage (BMG), will be released on 9 September, featuring five shows over eleven years that shows their live genius and versatility.
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