Josiah J Manning / An Impact Beyond The Spotlight In Music Production

Interview: Josiah J Manning. A pivotal role in rock: from Momentum Studios mastery to dynamic performances with Kris Barras Band, Thrxnes, Inglorious and more

Exclusive Interview: Chris Squire Reflects On Yes And Talk

Chris Squire - Yes - interview, 1994. "With Talk, we chose to encompass what we thought made Yes unique and incorporate that with a more commercial outlook." Interview: Robert Adams @yesofficial

Hellfest / ‘If No One Else Will Do It, I Will’

Nabila Slama, creator of No Sleep Till Hellfest and pioneer of the unsigned, grassroots industry talks to MetalTalk about opening up the industry to unseen talent. @montyrockssewell @nosleeptillhellfest.official @hellfestopenair @rock_pixs

Interview: Lee Aaron Dives Into Covers On Tattoo Me

Interview: Lee Aaron - Tattoo Me features unique covers from Fleetwood Mac to Led Zeppelin, showcasing her interpretation of classic hits with a twist. Interview: @hutchie224 @metalvillerecords

Melanie Johnson Talks Fascinating Second Shooter Debut

Interview: Second Shooter - Fury Made Flesh. A brutal mix of Death Metal, intensity and emotion, powered by the deep growls of Melanie Johnson. A standout album. Interview: @andyshaw16 @secondshooterband

Mr Punch Unveils New Music Plans

Discover Mr Punch's journey from a Marillion tribute to crafting original music, and their exciting new project teasers. Dive into creativity! Interview And Photography: @rock_pixs @mr.punch_marilliontribute @theunderworldcamden

Tank / The Tragedy Behind Cart & Horses Triumph

Interview: Tank - Mick van Tuckerberg and Cliff Evans. With a new lineup and a bright future, despite recent loss, the band share details on their upcoming shows and new album. Interview: Photo: @rock_pixs

Interview: Chris Shiflett – From Foo Fighters to Honky Tonk Hero

Join Chris Shiflett on a musical odyssey from Foo Fighters to honky tonk hero. Discover his journey, solo album, and UK tour in this exclusive interview! Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @shifty71 @foofighters

Cats In Space / Greg Hart On Innovative Phase One Success

Greg Hart on the incredible journey of Cats In Space as they achieve resilience and success with Phase One. Get ready for a live album, documentary, and comic book. Interview: @rock_pixs @catsinspaceband

Kill The Lights / James Clark Excited For Death Melodies Tour

Join Kill The Lights on their first UK headline tour, The Death Melodies Tour. Witness their exceptional musicianship live in intimate venues. Interview: @rock_pixs @killthelights @fearlessrecords

Kill The Lights / James Clark On The Making Of Death Melodies

Death Melodies by Kill The Lights, a powerful Metalcore album blending intense energy, emotional depth, and exceptional musicianship. Dive into a journey of resilience and creativity with insights from vocalist James Clark. Experience the evolution of Kill The Lights. Interview: @rock_pixs @killthelights @fearlessrecords

The End Machine / The Quantum Phase Is Just Remarkable

Album Review: The End Machine - The Quantum Phase (Frontiers Music Srl). Interview with Jeff Pilson on a album that is remarkable. Album of the year listmaking. Interview: @rock_pixs @theendmachine @jeffpilsonmusic @georgelynchofficial @girishpradhanofficial @browncounts24

Exclusive / Fish, As Musical Touring Journey Nears The End

Interview: MetalTalk caught up with Fish ahead of the announcement of final UK tour, the farewell tour The Road To The Isles. Read his thoughts on retirement. Interview: Ian Sutherland @fishderekdick

Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium Announce Surprise Joint Headline Tour

Details of the unmissable Poisened Ascendancy tour are released in the heart of Soho as both bands speak about the upcoming mammoth twenty-year celebration. @bfmvofficial @triviumband @montyrockssewell @_tony.visual_

Gypsy’s Kiss / Future Plans And The Wine Tour Of Europe?

The origins of Iron Maiden with an in-depth look at David Smith and Steve Harris's early band, Gypsy's Kiss, and their historic memories of The Cart & Horses. Photo: Interview: @montyrockssewell @gypsyskissband @cartandhorseslondon @rock_pixs

Gypsy’s Kiss / Steve Harris, David Smith And The Cart & Horses

Interview: Celebrate Gypsy's Kiss 50th anniversary with a historical look at the band's impact in the Iron Maiden family tree. See you at Cart & Horses on 27 April 2024. Photo: Interview: @montyrockssewell @gypsyskissband @cartandhorseslondon @rock_pixs

Love To Love / Phil Mogg Talks Health, UFO And Lights Out

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Catch up with Phil Mogg as he talks about health, UFO, and his time in the band. Plus watch the official UFO Lyric Video for Love To Love. Interview: @hutchie224 Cover Photo: @rock_pixs @ufo_rockband @chrysalisrecs

Becky Baldwin / The Future With Fury And Mercyful Fate

Interview: Becky Baldwin discusses her experience recording at Stompbox Studios with her band Fury and talks about the future for the band and Mercyful Fate. Interview: @hutchie224 Cover Photo: @hutchie224 @beckybaldwinbass @furyoffic1al @mercyfulfatecoven
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