Preacher Stone Opens Up About New Album V and Overcoming a Challenging Year

Preacher Stone shares insights on their new album "V," dealing with personal loss, and their return to the UK stage. An intimate look at their journey. Interview: @hutchie224 @preacherstone

Grand Slam / The Impressive Success Of Wheel Of Fortune

MTTV: Interview - Laurence Archer. With the success of Wheel Of Fortune and over 142k views of Come Together (In Harlem), we look back at Grand Slam Week. Cover Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @pmonkhouse1 @grandslamrocks

Grand Slam Week: Laurence Archer And The Influence Of Phil Lynott

Grand Slam Week: Grand Slam is back! Laurence Archer revives the legendary band with authentic new recordings. Relive the magic of their iconic music. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @grandslamrocks

Grand Slam Week: Laurence Archer, From Stampede To Grand Slam

With new album Wheel Of Fortune out now, as part of MetalTalk's Grand Slam Week, Laurence Archer talks about forming Stampede and meeting Phil Lynott. Interview: @pmonkhouse1

Grand Slam Week: Laurence Archer On Reviving The Band

Join Laurence Archer for Grand Slam Week as he shares insights on the band's revival, the journey to their new album Wheel Of Fortune, and their unique sound. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 Photo: @rock_pixs @grandslamrocks

Miguel Montalban Passionately Talks New Music And More

The guitar virtuoso excitedly divulged all the details of what was to come for himself and the band, including another album and overseas tours. @miguelmontalbanmusic @montynsewell

Halestorm / Joe Hottinger On That Wembley Show And New Album News

Halestorm - The electrifying Wembley show December 2023. Join us for insights from guitarist Joe Hottinger. Dive into their live album release and future plans. Words: Ian Sutherland Photography: @robert_sutton_photography @halestormrocks @thejoestorm

Lodestar / Zonen Marks A Powerful Comeback After 27 Years

After a 27-year hiatus, Lodestar makes a stunning return with Zonen, a fusion of heavy riffs and eclectic sounds. Discover the resurgence of a band redefining their legacy. Interview: @rock_pixs lodestartheband

Kill The Lights Triumphs In UK: Insights From On-Tour Interview

Join Kill The Lights on their triumphant UK tour with The Sinner and Death Melodies. Exclusive on-tour interview unveils behind-the-scenes magic. Interview: @rock_pixs Photography: @camphausmedia @killthelights @fearlessrecords

Aaron Bond / The Independent Spirit Of When Rivers Meet

Join Aaron Bond of When Rivers Meet as he discusses his recovery, exciting tour plans, and the thrill of independent rock music! Interview: @hutchie224 @whenriversmeet

The Uplifting Story Of Gun. First Top 10 Album In 30 Years?

Interview: GUN - Scottish rockers Gun could hit the UK Top 10 with Hombres. MetalTalk spoke with vocalist Dante Gizzi and guitarist Giuliano 'Jools' Gizzi. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @gunofficialuk

Soul Sign Releases New Single Out Of The Dark And Cover Of Cream’s White Room

Soul Sign releases Out Of The Dark and a vibrant cover of Cream's White Room. Experience the fusion of classic and modern rock in their latest single. Interview: @rock_pixs @soul.sign @bjornenglen @robmathofficial @marcusboals @drummikecancino

Josiah J Manning / An Impact Beyond The Spotlight In Music Production

Interview: Josiah J Manning. A pivotal role in rock: from Momentum Studios mastery to dynamic performances with Kris Barras Band, Thrxnes, Inglorious and more

Exclusive Interview: Chris Squire Reflects On Yes And Talk

Chris Squire - Yes - interview, 1994. "With Talk, we chose to encompass what we thought made Yes unique and incorporate that with a more commercial outlook." Interview: Robert Adams @yesofficial

Hellfest / ‘If No One Else Will Do It, I Will’

Nabila Slama, creator of No Sleep Till Hellfest and pioneer of the unsigned, grassroots industry talks to MetalTalk about opening up the industry to unseen talent. @montyrockssewell @nosleeptillhellfest.official @hellfestopenair @rock_pixs

Interview: Lee Aaron Dives Into Covers On Tattoo Me

Interview: Lee Aaron - Tattoo Me features unique covers from Fleetwood Mac to Led Zeppelin, showcasing her interpretation of classic hits with a twist. Interview: @hutchie224 @metalvillerecords

Melanie Johnson Talks Fascinating Second Shooter Debut

Interview: Second Shooter - Fury Made Flesh. A brutal mix of Death Metal, intensity and emotion, powered by the deep growls of Melanie Johnson. A standout album. Interview: @andyshaw16 @secondshooterband

Mr Punch Unveils New Music Plans

Discover Mr Punch's journey from a Marillion tribute to crafting original music, and their exciting new project teasers. Dive into creativity! Interview And Photography: @rock_pixs @mr.punch_marilliontribute @theunderworldcamden
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