Never Again / Lionheart, Anti-war And The Grace Of A Dragonfly

Discover the concept behind new Lionheart album The Grace Of A Dragonfly and its anti-war theme. Explore the beautiful lyricism and personal stories behind it with Steve Mann and MetalTalk. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @lionheartrock @metalvillerecords @tristan.greatrex

Steve Hackett / Genesis And ‘Playing Guitar In The Best Band In The World’

Steve Hackett reflects on the golden period of Genesis and and their timeless appeal. ."I'm playing guitar in the best band in the world at this point." Interview: @adrianstonley @stevehackettofficial @genesis_band

Steve Mann / Love And The Inspiring Rebirth Of Lionheart

Interview: Steve Mann discusses the Lionheart reunion and their journey to creating new music. "When we come together in Lionheart, then that is our passion." @lionheartrock @metalvillerecords

Biff Byford Is ‘Pretty Fit’ And Excited For New Tour

Interview: Biff Byford - Saxon. Having released 24th studio album, Hell Fire And Damnation, the legendary band prepare to tour with Judas Priest and Uriah Heep. Interview: @hutchie224 @saxon.official

Interview: Jack J Hutchinson Striding Into The New Year

Explore the creative journey of Jack J Hutchinson's new album Battles and upcoming UK tour as the musician hits the ground running in the new year. Interview: @montyrockssewell @jackjhutchinson

Tony Moore: British Lion Tour ‘quite Life Changing’

Tony Moore reflects on his tour with British Lion and the positive reception of his Awake show, sharing insights and experiences. New full tour starts tonight. Words and Photography: @rock_pixs @tonymoore

Interview: Connor Selby, Smooth And Solid Purveyor Of Classy Blues

Interview: Connor Selby, award-winning blues artist making music scene waves. About to embark on dates with Joanne Shaw Taylor, we wanted to find out more. Interview: @liz_medhurst @connorjamesselby @joanneshawtaylor @mascotlabelgroup

Steve Hackett / New album is ‘autobiographical with a narrative’

Interview: Steve Hackett: The Circus And The Nightwhale. Autobiographical with a narrative and that the songs are reflect certain watershed moments in his life.

Dayal Patterson / The Remarkable Champion Of Black Metal

Interview: Discover the evolution of Black Metal with Dayal Patterson and his definitive edition of Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult. The bands and stories. Words: Jools Green @cultneverdies

Exclusive: Atom Smasher A Rising Force Of Progressive Thrash/Death Metal

Exclusive Interview: Atom Smasher, Plymouth's Rising Progressive Thrash/Death Metal Trio | Interview and First Single Release, Thunberg And Lightning. Words: Jools Green @atomsmashermetal

Doro Pesch / Metal, Survival, And Celebrating Women In Rock Music

Doro Pesch: Surviving the Changing Landscape of Heavy Metal. The Metal Queen reflects on the challenges of the grunge era and the resilience that kept her going. @dorometalqueen @nuclearblastrecords

Doro Pesch Planned To Sing With Ronnie James Dio

Interview: Doro Pesch: The Enduring Power of Metal. From debut to latest album, Conqueress, Doro continues to defy expectations and unite Metal fans worldwide. Cover Photo: @aggieanthimidou Interview: Mark Rotherham @dorometalqueen

Tony Moore / Love, Life And The Story Of Awake

Interview: Tony Moore Opens Up About His Personal Journey Behind the Album Awake and the Immersive Experience of His Live Performances as he prepares a UK Tour. Interview: @rock_pixs @tonymoore @britishlionuk @cartandhorseslondon

Tony Moore / Steve Harris Has Been Really Supportive

Tony Moore Hits The Cart & Horses with British Lion: An Inside Look at His Iron Maiden Days and the Support of Steve Harris for his new Awake Project. Part One. Interview: @rock_pixs @tonymoore @britishlionuk @cartandhorseslondon

Doro Tells MetalTalk “I’m So Proud Of Conqueress”

Legendary German singer Doro Pesch talks about her latest album Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud, featuring duets with Rob Halford and German band Broilers. Interview: Mark Rotherham @dorometalqueen @nuclearblastrecords

Bannerman’s Bar / The Best Music Venue In Edinburgh

MetalTalk Venues - Bannerman's Bar is a renowned historic establishment in the heart of the city's vibrant and eclectic Cowgate district. Find out What's On. Words: Ian Sutherland @bannermanslive @bannermans

Gig Of The Week – Cats In Space – Believe The Hype

Gig Of The Week. Cats In Space Spectacular Live Show: A Must-See Tour Finale in 2023. Four shows left for 2023. Interview with Greg Hart. See you in Islington. @catsinspaceband

Dirty Honey / Behind the Scenes of Their Latest Album and Life on the Road

Interview: John Notto - Dirty Honey. New album Can't Find The Breaks and a hectic tour life schedule are just the tip of the iceberg for guitarist John Notto. @dirtyhoneyband @the_john_notto @montyrockssewell
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