MetalTalk Venues – Bannerman's Bar, Edinburgh

Bannerman’s Bar in Edinburgh is a renowned historic establishment in the heart of the city’s vibrant and eclectic Cowgate district. With its distinctive red facade and welcoming atmosphere, Bannerman’s has become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

Live music is Bannerman’s heartbeat. From gritty rock performances to soulful acoustic sessions, the venue offers a diverse repertoire, making it a crucible for emerging talents and a sanctuary for seasoned artists.

The venue also boasts a rich history, adding to its allure. Bannerman’s Bar occupies a building with roots dating back to the 19th century, and its historical charm is evident in every nook and cranny. The venue’s connection to the past and its dynamic present-day offerings create a unique blend that captures the essence of Edinburgh’s cultural scene.

Whether seeking a lively night out with live music or a relaxed evening with friends, Bannerman’s Bar is a quintessential Edinburgh destination. It remains a cherished establishment, vital to the city’s musical and social tapestry.

Bannerman’s Bar / The Best Music Venue In Edinburgh

MetalTalk Venues - Bannerman's Bar is a renowned historic establishment in the heart of the city's vibrant and eclectic Cowgate district. Find out What's On. Words: Ian Sutherland @bannermanslive @bannermans

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Bannerman's Bar

212 Cowgate,

Tel: 0131 556 3254