Nuclear Power Trio

The band Nuclear Power Trio, featuring world leaders Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, will release their debut EP ‘A Clear And Present Rager’ 30 October, via Metal Blade Records. The three powerful men have joined forces to unleash their nuclear and musical powers in a quest for Heavy …
Photo of Autopsy, who have a new live album 'Live in Chicago' out this month
Photo of the band Mors Principium Est
Marillion, photo by Anne Marie Forker
Motorhead, The Netherlands, 22 November 1987
Guns & Roses at Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2nd of October 1987
Legendary UK heavy metal four piece Orange Goblin
Photo of Pedro Mau , from Kneel
Cover of the new Massive Wagons limited edition CD.
Photo of Voodoo Six
Photo of The Struts, with their new album Strange Days
Photo of the ne Five Finger Death Punch lineup
Photo of Joe Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley at AbbeyRoad Studios photo by Christie Goodwin
Phot of Swiss band The Beauty Of Gemina
Photo of The Kinks
Photo of Nik Taylor-Stoakes from Voodoo Six
Francesco Marras the new guitarist of Tygers Of Pan Tang
Ellefson 'No Cover' project photo
French band Furies
Metallica live acoustic show poster
Government retraining advert
James Kennedy author of Noise Damage
Photo of Aphonic Threnody
Devin Townsend on stage at Order of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1
Setve Hackett album cover for 'Selling England & Spectral Mornings Live at Hammersmith CD/DVD'
Black Sabbath 50th Anniversary begins
Albert Bouchard, former Blue Öyster Cult member
Eddie VAn Halen RIP
Furnace album cover
Swedish band Reach
Czech band Symbtomy