Photo of Crown Lands

Back in the summer of 2020, Metaltalk reviewed the debut album of Crown Lands, a rock duo from Canada. We spoke in praise of the riffs, both catchy and prog-tastic at times, the searing vocals and the passion for speaking out about topics dear to their hearts. Crown Lands – …
Bootyard Bandits vocalist Joel Peters
Photo of prog rock legends Marillion
Earl Slick
Judas Priest, Bloodstock 2021
Dave Lee Roth - Eat 'em and smile
The Darkness
Photo of October Drift
Frost*, who announced 2022 UK Tour for April
Joe Bonamassa
Black Sabbath, 1976
Whitechapel set to release the album Kin
Joanne Shaw Taylor
A new Ritchie Blackmore book by Ross Halfin will be released in December, featuring images from Halfins extensive library.
Bruce Dickinson from Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden
Photo of Albert Bouchard, Blue Öyster Cult.
Photo of Radiohead
Photo of the Heavy metal band Primitai
Photo of Mark Tremonti
Photo of Mike Ross
Emma Zoltan from Sirenia
Photo of The Offspring
Photo of Swedish band Eclipse
Photo of Maya Damaris from Wax On Water
Photo of The Damn Truth
Dave Grohl
Vardis to release 100 M.P.H.@100 Club
The Pineapple Thief, live show
Sari Schorr
Unto Others will release Strength in September 2021