MetalTalk Venues – The Cart & Horses, London

Situated in Stratford, East London, the historic Cart & Horses is an iconic establishment famous for being the birthplace of the legendary Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden. 

It all began in the late 1970s when Iron Maiden performed their early gigs in the pub’s small live music room. The band’s connection to Cart & Horses is commemorated with memorabilia, plaques, and photographs that adorn the pub’s walls.

Today, Cart & Horses continues to host live music events featuring a variety of bands and artists, maintaining its status as a pilgrimage site for Iron Maiden fans and a hub for music enthusiasts. Whether you’re a Metalhead paying homage to a legendary band’s roots or simply looking for a unique music experience in London, Cart & Horses offers a special and historic atmosphere.

Steve Harris and British Lion Rally to Save The Booking Hall

Join Steve Harris and British Lion at The Booking Hall, Dover on May 21 to support this cherished venue. Enjoy a night of legendary rock and help save a vital part of our musical heritage! Photo: @rock_pixs @thebookinghall @britishlionuk @cartandhorseslondon

Iron Maiden / Rance And Wapram Reignite The Fire At Cart & Horses

Iron Maiden early guitarists Terry Rance and Terry Wapram reunite for a nostalgic, electrifying Legends show celebrating raw Heavy Metal roots at Cart & Horses. Words and Photography: @rock_pixs @cartandhorseslondon @ironmaiden

The Cart & Horses

1 Maryland Point,
E15 1PF

Tel: 020 8534 0774