Mercutio / Fired up for May Antagonist-live Camden Assembly show

Mercutio interview. Guitarist Fabio Staffieri and vocalist Ross William Wild joined Steve Ritchie for MetalTalk TV Episode 46.Mercutio bring Antagonist live to London's Camden Assembly on 20 May 2022. @mercutioofficial

The Mercy House / “We were perfectly balanced with a chip on both shoulders”

The Mercy House. MTTV Episode 45. Drew Davies speaks with MetalTalk's @danybass18Yyou could say we were perfectly balanced, as we had a chip on both shoulders. I think that's still there." @themercyhouseband

Tim Atkinson / Teaching Würzel to moonwalk and new Leader of Down album

Leader Of Down is the brainchild of former Motörhead guitarist Würzel and bass player Tim Atkinson.The new album The Screwtape Letters is an infectious listen guaranteed to get your hips moving. @rock_pixs @leaderofdown @cleopatrarecords

Ronni Le Tekrø / “I’m like an underground kind of guitar hero”

INTERVIEW: Ronni Le Tekrø, the only consistent member of TNT, has just released the fantastic album Bigfoot TV."I'm like an underground kind of guitar hero, I like it underneath the surface." @ronnietekro @tbcrec @rock_pixs

Album Of The Week / Adam Norsworthy and friends release blues-rock masterpiece

Album Review: Infinite Hotel, released 4 March 2022, is Adam Norsworthy's fourth solo album, and it is a real collectable gem.Eleven super songs have been delivered wonderfully by a talented set of musicians.@adamnorsworthymusic

Brave Rival / South coast soul, building on a rising reputation

MTTV Metaltalk Interview - Brave Rival.Portsmouth rockers Brave Rival have a lot to smile about. Guilty Love, the new single, and Life's Machine album ready for May and UK Blues Award Nomination.@braverivalband @pmonkhouse1

Keith Wallen / Breaking Benjamin star living his dreams making new music

Interview: Keith Wallen. The Breaking Benjamin star talks about his career - "I am just walking on sunshine right now.""We're going to keep working and writing on a new Breaking Benjamin album."@kjwallen @breakingbenjamin @danybass18

Interview / Bjorn Englen talks Dio, Yngwie and the new album from Soul Sign

I always like to describe Bjorn Englen as the busiest bass in Metal. With past tenures with the likes of Quiet Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Tony MacAlpine and Robin McAuley,...

Album Of The Week / Ben Savage from Whitechapel discusses the stunning new album Kin

Ben Savage, lead guitarist and founding Whitechapel member, discusses Kin and their previous album, The Valley, which saw the band begin their transformation from their once-deathcore sound to a more melodic Metal...

MTTV / Tracii Guns: “fans will love to have a live version of Cocked And Loaded”

From his seminal work with L.A. Guns to his stints with Brides Of Destruction and Devil City Angels, Tracii Guns' ferocious guitar playing is known to hard rock fans the world over.The...

Oliver Wakeman / Bedtime stories and making giant footsteps of your own

Building your own career in music has never been easy, especially given the fact that your father is one of the most famous and celebrated talents in the industry.Despite the length of...

James Kennedy / With Trump gone, you can still ‘Make Anger Great Again’

James Kennedy recently released his cracking album 'Make Anger Great Again', a Heavy Alt Rock slab of genius which, even though it was recorded before lockdown, is pretty damn relevant for right now....

George Lynch: “The best that Dokken ever was, was on the Aerosmith tour”

Known as one of the greatest guitar players of the last four decades, George Lynch’s work in Dokken, Lynch Mob and The End Machine has captivated listeners around the world.The guitar...

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