Exclusive Preview of Soul Sign Powerful New Single Clean Soil

Get a sneak peek of Soul Sign powerful new single, Clean Soil. Watch the premiere of the video on MetalTalk MTTV Episode 78! Interview: @rock_pixs @soul.sign @bjornenglen @marcusboals @robmathofficial @drummikecancino

David Reece / Bangalore Choir and the Explosive Center Mass

Bangalore Choir Explosive Fourth Album Center Mass is Out Now: A Nostalgic follow-up in spirit to their epic debut On Target. David Reece Interview.

Luke Morley Interview / An Intriguing Journey Through His Creative Soul

Luke Morley - Songs From The Blue Room. Luke's unique voice and personal writing makes for a fresh experience and a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. Interview: @rock_pixs @lukemorleymusic @thunderonline

The Agony / From tough times to rocking Prague’s O2 Arena with Scorpions

Interview Part Two: Discover how Niky from The Agony found the good in the Covid lockdown, leading to their biggest gig at O2 Arena in Prague with Scorpions. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @theagonycz @jackiechambers432 @girlschoolreal @scorpions

Luke Morley Interview / The Thunder legacy, future and Danny Bowes Health

Thunder releases expanded editions of iconic albums, and in our interview with Luke Morley, we talk about the band's status in the rock world, Danny Bowes' health, and the future. Experience the quintet's high-quality classic hard rock that's won the hearts of fans for years.

Thomas Eriksen – Mork / A Haunting Evolution To Black Metal

Explore the Mork evolution in Black Metal with MetalTalk's interview with Thomas Eriksen. Discover the haunting quality of their latest album, Dypet.

White Spirit / The NWOBHM Phoenix rises from the ashes

White Spirit, one of the most promising bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and their long-awaited return with the release of their sophomore album featuring original vocals by Brian Howe.

Alcatrazz Unleash Epic Heavy Metal Anthem Battlelines

Check out the new Alcatrazz epic Heavy Metal anthem Battlelines, and hear from the band themselves in an exclusive interview with MetalTalk. @alcatrazz_official Interview: @pmonkhouse1

Interview: Last in Line – Jericho an epic journey of hard-hitting riffs

Get ready to rock with Last In Line new album, Jericho! MetalTalk's Steve Ritchie chats with Andrew Freeman about the release and their plans for the year ahead. Interview: @rock_pixs @andrewfreemanofficial @lastinlineofficial

Cats In Space / Innovative 16-date theatre tour announced

Cats In Space have announced an ambitious new theatre tour that promises a mouthwatering opportunity to experience the band how they always envisioned it. Interview: @rock_pixs @cats_in_space_rock_band

The breakthrough of Kevin DuBrow, Randy Rhoads and Quiet Riot

The amazing story of the breakthrough of Kevin DuBrow, Randy Rhoads and Quiet Riot is told in the new book Keep On Rollin' My Fan Club Years. @quietriotofficial @quietriotband @sarzo.rudy @markweissguy @deesnider

Charlie Griffiths / Fantastic Fauna and loving the Haken collaborative style

Haken release their new album Fauna on 3 March 2022, something which finds the band exploring new ideas conceptually. Charlie Griffiths talks to MetalTalk MTTV

SKYND / ‘Human beings are really good at not remembering’

Gothic true crime band SKYND write hard-hitting songs about what brings human beings to the very edge of humanity. In an interview with Gabriella Bosticco, vocalist Skynd talks mental health and the ethics of her chosen genre. Interview: @gjbosticco @skynd_music

Martijn Westerholt energised as Delain delivers terrific Dark Waters

Interview - Delain are well and truly back. The latest album, Dark Waters, has been a success. Martijn Westerholt is refreshed, happy and talks with MetalTalk. Interview: @rock_pixs @martijnwesterholt @delainofficial @napalmrecordsofficial

Silence Is Spoken / Special inspiration by record label creative freedom

Based in Tuscany, the home of Barolo wine, Silence Is Spoken drummer Lorenzo Panchetti spoke with MetalTalk's @danybass18. @silenceisspoken @wormholedeath_records

Steve Vai / “Enthusiasm is passion…Things that look like success come as a consequence of that”

Steve Vai - Interview - In Part Two of an interview with MetalTalk's Paul Monkhouse, Vai talks about his career and his passion for innovating. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @stevevaihimself

Steve Vai / “Johnny Sombrotto would have made an incredible rock star”

Interview. The inspiring Steve Vai talks about Gash, something both men could be truly proud of and Johnny Sombrotto who "would have made an incredible rock star." @stevevaihimself

Jackie Chambers, Girlschool / From Mull Of Kintyre to the St Valentine’s Day Massacre and beyond

MetalTalk recently caught up with guitarist Jackie Chambers on this latest tour, delving back into the history of the band and looking to the future of both Girlschool and also her other outfit, punk-pop combo Syteria. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 Photo: @robert_sutton_photography @syteriaband @jackiechambers432
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