Grand Slam / The Impressive Success Of Wheel Of Fortune

With the news that the Grand Slam single Come Together (In Harlem) has surpassed 142,000 views on YouTube and the album Wheel Of Fortune has achieved notable Official UK Chart placings, this has certainly been a whirlwind of creativity and celebration. We look back at the recent Glam Slam Week at MetalTalk, with the full interview with Laurence Archer available to watch above.

With the release of their sophomore album, Wheel Of Fortune, the band have demonstrated their enduring talent and innovative spirit. The launch party in Soho was a hit, featuring intimate performances and a Q&A session.

Laurence Archer shared insights on the band’s revival, from their early days with Phil Lynott to the modern era. Despite setbacks, including lineup changes and the pandemic, Grand Slam continue to captivate audiences with their unique blend of classic and contemporary rock.

Reviving Grand Slam

In Part One, Laurence Archer discusses reviving Grand Slam and the band’s evolution. Archer emphasizes the natural chemistry within the band and highlights the collaboration with vocalist Mike Dyer. Here, the interview explores the band’s journey, the challenges faced, and the joy of bringing their music to a new generation of fans.

From Stampede To Grand Slam

In Part Two of this wide-ranging interview with MetalTalk, Laurence Archer discusses his journey from Stampede to forming Grand Slam with Phil Lynott. Archer reflects on the rigorous rehearsal process under Lynott’s leadership and how Lynott’s influence shaped Grand Slam’s sound.

Album Release Party

Grand Slam celebrated the release of their new album, Wheel Of Fortune, with an album release party at the Karma Sanctum Hotel in Soho. The event featured live performances of stripped-back versions of their tracks, including Pirate Song and Feeling Is Strong.

MetalTalk enjoyed the intimate atmosphere and an informal Q&A session with band members, highlighting the deep connections and collaborative spirit within the group. The party underscored Grand Slam’s blend of classic rock roots and fresh, innovative sounds, promising an exciting future for the band.

Enduring Influence Of Phil Lynott

In Part Four, Laurence Archer reflected on the enduring influence of Phil Lynott on Grand Slam and his personal musical journey. Archer recounted the band’s rigorous rehearsal process under Lynott’s leadership and their commitment to perfection.

Despite setbacks, including the band’s initial lack of a record deal and Lynott’s health issues, Archer remained dedicated to honoring their legacy. This dedication led to the respectful release of their music, culminating in the revival of Grand Slam and the release of their latest album, Wheel Of Fortune.

Wheel Of Fortune showcases their ability to blend fresh material with their signature Celtic rock influence. Here, despite pandemic delays, the band, led by Laurence Archer and Mike Dyer, delivers a mix of dynamic, catchy tracks and impressive musicianship.

Highlights include the feel-good There Goes My Heart and the epic Pirate Song. With the addition of classical elements by drummer Benjy Reid and solid backing vocals from bassist Rocky Newton, Wheel Of Fortune solidifies Grand Slam’s place in the rock genre.

Glances across social media show that Grand Slam are elated. Now we patiently await those tour dates.

Grand Slam, Wheel Of Fortune, is out now via Silver Lining Music. For more details, visit

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