MetalTalk Venues - The Giffard Arms

The Giffard Arms stands as a historic and vibrant music venue nestled in Wolverhampton.

As a renowned music venue, it hosts a diverse array of live performances, making it a beloved spot for Heavy Metal and alternative music fans. Known for its welcoming ambience and commitment to showcasing talent, The Giffard Arms is vital to Wolverhampton’s cultural scene.

The Giffard Arms is the first in our new series of The MetalTalk Venues. We speak with a venue owner or promoter each month to highlight their work for the Heavy Metal community.

Thieves Of Liberty Bring Talent, Presence And Energy To The Giffard

The explosive performance of Thieves Of Liberty at The Giffard Arms. Raw vocals, melodic guitars, and relentless energy. Don't miss their enthralling shows. Words: @sophzrocks Photography: @flamingpint @thegiffardarms @thievesofliberty

Austin Gold / The Cutting-Edge Contrasts Of Blues Based Rock

The electrifying Austin Gold show at The Giffard Arms, blending blues-infused rock with modern flair. Read all about their captivating set and standout tracks Grooves. Words: @sophzrocks Photography: @flamingpint @thegiffardarms @austingoldmusic

The Giffard Arms

64 Victoria St,
Mander Centre,

Tel: 01902 426664