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Royal Autumn / Debut album delivered with the panache of ten-year veterans

Royal Autumn - Life Is Strangely Accidental - A slick piece that's largely in the heavier part of accessible radio rock. @royalautumnband

Death Pill / Ukraine hardcore punk debut remarkable and inspiring

Death Pill, the Ukraine hardcore punk power trio, unleash their self-titled debut album. Packed with punch and groove, and unrelenting addictiveness. @deathpill_band @newheavysounds

Lovebites astonishing Judgement Day a treasure of Metal magic

Lovebites - Judgement Day is a triumph. Wonderfully constructed and beautifully executed, it is a testament of the hard work the band has put in this last year. Words: @rock_pixs @lovebites_jp @jpurecords

Insomnium / Anno 1696 a phenomenal release in a year of incredible music

Insomnium / Melancholic Finns draw on nightmarish inspiration for album number nine. Anno 1696 a phenomenal release in a year of incredible music. Words: @hutchie224 @insomniumofficial @centurymediarecords

Siege Of Power / A lot more serious this time around with This Is Tomorrow

Five years after their debut, Siege of Power return with This Is Tomorrow and for them, the pressure was definitely on regarding the follow-up's creation. @siege_of_power_ @metalbladerecords

Motörhead / Unboxing Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC

Motörhead / Unboxing Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC. MetalTalk's Paul Hutchings looks at the new Limited Edition Boxset of Motörhead's 23rd and final studio album. @officialmotorhead @hutchie224 @phil_campbell_and_the_bs @mikkeydeeofficial

Wolves In Winter / Debut album by Bradford veterans crushes on every level

Wolves In Winter – The Calling Quiet (Argonauta Records). Intricate yet also bludgeoning and brutal, it's a bruising yet sensitive release. Quite the album. Words: @hutchie224 @wolves_in_winter_ @argonautarecords

First Signal / Face Your Fears is a compelling slice of pure melodic rock

Melodic hard rockers First Signal are back with their fifth studio album, Face Your Fears, a compelling record from start to finish. @firstsignalofficial @frontiersmusicsrl

Crücial Crüe / Mötley Crüe, key holders to the greatest madhouse in rock ‘n’ roll

Mötley Crüe - Crücial Crüe: The Studio Albums 1981-1989 (BMG). Sixx, Lee, Neil and Mars were the key holders to the greatest madhouse in rock n roll. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @motleycrue Photo: Dustin Jack

Furnace / The Casca Trilogy is an absolute triumph

Furnace - The Casca Trilogy (Obelisk Polaris Productions). Engaging riffs, and interesting and well-delivered lyrics, this is an absolute triumph.

The Abbey / Nothing sinful as debut summons up a cauldron of delights

The Abbey – Word Of Sin (Season of Mist). It's a superb debut release, with the vocal interplay between Heikkinen and Koskinen at times stunning. Words: @hutchie224 @theabbeyceremonial @seasonofmistofficial

Album Of The Week / Dance Devil Dance is undoubtedly the best Avatar album yet

Avatar have forged their reputation as a killer live act, and now they have an album to match their bonkers stage presence. Review: Robert Adams @avatarmetal

Generation Landslide / Everything you love about late ’80s/early ’90s hard rock

A strong album from start to finish, in Ruling The Street Scene, Generation Landslide have created something both old and new Hair Metal fans can enjoy. Words: @taylorcamphotos #GenerationLandslide

Dokken / The Elektra Years a wonderful tribute to their role in ’80s rock

Dokken - The Elektra Albums 1983-1987 (BMG). Their contribution to the memorable period in rock music of the '80s should never be overlooked. A fitting tribute.

Frozen Dawn / The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods is bone-chillingly good

Frozen Dawn - The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods (Transcending Obscurity Records) - Definitely as good as Those Of The Cursed Light, possibly even better. @frozendawn_official @transcendingobscurity

The Inspector Cluzo deserve all the love with Horizon

Album Review - The Inspector Cluzo - Horizon (F.thebassplayer Records). The Rock Farmer's latest album is an organic feast fit for a king. Words: @hutchie224 @theinspectorcluzo

Steve Vai / Gash is an album full of thrilling sounds and honesty

Steve Vai - Gash - A very worthy and heartfelt tribute to his fallen friend Johnny Sombrotto, this release stands as something both men could be truly proud of. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @stevevaihimself @mascotlabelgroup

Memoriam / Rise To Power, a punishing fifth album from the Old school Death Metal legends

Memoriam – Rise To Power (Reaper Entertainment). Memoriam continue to improve with every release. Rise To Power continues their journey in fine style. Words: @hutchie224 @memoriamuk @reaperentertainment
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