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The Now: South Wales Quartet Making Waves With Debut Album

The incendiary live act and powerful songwriting of The Now. Get ready for their debut album release on 1 March. New single Truth Always Comes Out In The End. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @thenowuk

Michael Schenker Group / New boxset is an embarrassment of riches

Album Review: The seismic impact of Michael Schenker and his solo career with MSG's first four albums in the newly remastered Is It Loud Enough? Words: @pmonkhouse1 @michaelschenkerrocks @chrysalisrecs

Messiah / A new wind is blowing with Christus Hypercubus

Album review: The latest extreme offering from Swiss Metal legends Messiah: Christus Hypercubus. Unleashing a fresh chapter with new vocalist Marcus Seebach. Words: Jools Green @messiahthrashingmadness @highrollerrecordsofficial

Royal Tusk / The Arena Rock Aggression Of Altruistic

Album Review: Royal Tusk - Altruistic is a very digestible ten tracks filled with high points and superbly led by vocalist Daniel Carriere. Words: @brian_boyle_72 @royaltuskmusic @mnrk_heavy

These Wicked Rivers / Force Of Nature as classy as you get

Album Review: These Wicked Rivers - Force Of Nature. From anthems to introspective tracks, this is a superb album from start to finish. As classy as you get. Words: @hutchie224 @thesewickedrivers @fatearthrecords

Ihsahn / This Is His Most Ambitious Album To Date

Album Review: The evolution of Ihsahn with his latest self-titled album. A fusion of Metal and orchestral elements, a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

Honeymoon Suite / Alive Is The Perfect Comeback Album

Album Review: Honeymoon Suite - Alive (Frontiers Music Srl). Captivating from start to finish, the perfect comeback album. A quintessential modern AOR album. Words:

The Dream Academy / Gilmour Inspired And Made For Absorbing

Album Review: The quintessentially English charm of The Dream Academy and Religion, Revolution & Railways. A perfect treat to start 2024. Absolutely sublime.

Rifforia: A Family Connection in Swedish Heavy Metal

Album Review: Rifforia debut album, Axeorcism, delivers solid Heavy Metal tracks with a retro crunch. Out 23 February 2024 on Metalville Records. Words: @hutchie224 @rifforia @metalvillerecords

Morta Skuld / The Pure, Unrelenting Death Metal Of Creation Undone

Album Review: Morta Skuld - Creation Undone. Unleash your senses with the lethal and impactful new album. This is ten tracks of pure, unrelenting Death Metal. Words: Jools Green @mortaskuld1offical @peacevillerecords

Vincent Crowley / Anthology Of Horror: A Nightmare Unleashed

Album review: Vincent Crowley - Anthology Of Horror takes you on a suspenseful journey through the macabre. Prepare for a dark and unnerving musical experience. Words: Jools Green @vincentcrowleyofficial @hammerheartrecords666

From Madrid To Malmo: The Motörhead Löst Tapes Collection

Get a glimpse into the phenomenal live shows of Motörhead with The Löst Tapes: The Collection. There are songs to bring a smile and maybe even the odd tear. Words: @hutchie224 @officialmotorhead

Lionheart Deliver Grace Of A Dragonfly With Amazing Dignity And Power

The powerful new album from Lionheart - Grace Of A Dragonfly. A themed album set around the Second World War. It's a must-listen for fans of melodic hard rock. Don't miss out on this early contender for Album Of 2024.

Introducing Morrowphobia And The Greek Alt-Metal Of Wistful Orison

Introducing the alt-Metal brilliance of Morrowphobia and Wistful Orison. This Greek band showcases musical versatility paying tribute to the late Chris Cornell. Words: @adrianstonley @morrowphobiaofficial

Kristoffer Gildenlöw / Delve Into The Layers And Melodies Of Empty

Album Review: Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Empty: A Deep and Thought-Provoking Concept Album. Lay back and enjoy it and let the melodies flow over you. Words: @adrianstonley @kgildenlow

Samael Celebrate Passage With A Perfect Performance

Album Review: Samael – Passage – Live (Napalm Records) - Release Date: 16 February 2024. "A celebration of a record that is a landmark in our history. Words: @hutchie224 @samael_band @napalmrecordsofficial

Solbrud / The Atmospheric And Thought-provoking Black Metal Of IIII

Album review: The unique approach taken by Solbrud in their fourth studio album, IIII. If you like your Black Metal atmospheric and thought-provoking, you'll love this album. Words: Jools Green @solbrud_official @vendettarecs

Night Slasher Debut Is Plenty To Get Excited About

Album Review: The raw and addictive Blackened Thrash of Night Slasher self-titled debut album. An album that fans of this genre should be keen to hear. Words: @hutchie224 @sliptrickrecords
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