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Nine Skies / The Lightmaker An Inventive And Emotional Progressive Rock Journey

Nine Skies - The Lightmaker, A Breathtaking, Conceptual Journey with a Touch of Marillion Vibes. It is French progressive rock at its very best. Words: @adrianstonley @nine_skies

Hawkwind Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Ultimate Space Ritual Live Album Package

Hawkwind Releases Ultimate 50th-Anniversary Package: Space Ritual Live Album Remastered with Unreleased Liverpool Show. This is a genuine piece of music history. Words: @hutchie224 @hawkwind @_hawkwindoficial_ @cherryredrecords

Laurence Jones / New Album A Blueprint For 21st Century Blues Rock

Laurence Jones - Bad Luck & The Blues. Captivating Blend of Energetic Contemporary Sound. A work that can be regarded as a blueprint for 21st-century blues rock. Words: Sophie James @laurencejonesmusic @marshallrecords

Bruce Soord / Luminescence, A Majestic Journey Of Inner Peace And Hope

The mesmerising beauty of Bruce Soord new album, Luminescence. Immerse yourself in his introspective lyrics, enchanting vocals, and captivating melodies. Words: @hutchie224 @bsoord @kscopemusic

Vandenberg / Sin – Big Boisterous Hooks Turned Up To Twelve

Vandenberg - Sin: A Rock 'n' Roll Paradise with a New Line-up and Powerful Vocals. Sin is well worth losing weight in your wallet for. Turn it up to twelve.

Metallica / 72 Seasons Live – Never Has Cinema Been So Loud

Metallica 72 Seasons - Live in Cinemas. Witness the raw power and unrelenting energy of Metallica as they rock the world in a career-spanning celebration. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @metallica

When Rivers Meet / Aces Are High – A Rock Phenomenon On The Rise

When Rivers Meet - Aces Are High - A Harder Edge, Grittier Sound, and Wider Recognition Await. They are a true phenomenon in many ways. Pre-order now!! Words: @hutchie224 @whenriversmeet @oneroadrecords

KIND / Close Encounters, Soaring Vocals And Unrelenting Charge Of Riffs

The unrelenting charge of riffs, punchy bottom, and soaring vocals in KIND third album, Close Encounters. Don't miss the undeniably heavy stoner/doom/psych attack Words: @mathematicaljester @therockbandkind @ripplemusic

Soen / Memorial Is Breathtaking From Start To Finish

The emotional journey of latest Soen album, Memorial. With a cinematic soundscape and a heavier element, this release is set to challenge the top ten lists. Words: @Hutchie224 @soenmusic @silver.lining.music

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons / The Stunning Kings Of The Asylum 

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Deliver their Career-Best Album: Kings Of The Asylum - A Must-Listen Heavy Metal Masterpiece. Words: @Hutchie224 @phil_campbell_and_the_bs @nuclearblastrecords

Marduk / Memento Mori , Black Metal Guaranteed To Get Under Your Skin

The intense and raw sound of Marduk's fifteenth studio release, Memento Mori. With captivating vocals and catchy brutality, this album is a must-listen. Words: Jools Green @mardukofficial @centurymediarecords

Horrendous / Ontological Mysterium Wonderful Unconventional Death Metal

Horrendous Unleashes their Uniquely Unconventional Death Metal on Ontological Mysterium - A Nostalgic and Complex Journey of an album that is ever-revealing. Words: Jools Green @horrendous_official @seasonofmistofficial

Silverburn / James ‘Jimbob’ Isaac Solo Project A Guaranteed Genre-bending Assault

The harsh, shape-shifting sounds of James 'Jimbob' Isaac solo project, Silverburn. Self Induced Transcendental Annihilation takes you on a genre-bending journey Words: @hutchie224 @slvrbrn @jimbobisaac @morning_star_heresy

Temple of Dread Unleash Brutal Death Metal with Beyond Acheron

Unleash the Brutality: Temple Of Dread Fourth Studio Album, Beyond Acheron, Set to Amaze with Intense Death Metal Soundscapes and Captivating Classical Themes Words: Jools Green @templeofdreadofficial @testimony_records

Skindred / The Boundless Invigoration Of New Album Smile

Experience the boundless invigoration of latest Skindred album, Smile.It's a head-nutting vibe creator and perfect soundtrack to their award-winning live shows.Words: @montysewellrocks_ Photo: @robert_sutton_photography @skindredmusic @earacherecords @maidofstonefestival

Bad News / Revel In The Anarchic Fun Of The Frilly Pink Years

Before Spinal Tap: The Rise of Bad News - A Gritty, Satirical Look into the World of Heavy Metal with the Complete Frilly Pink Years 1987-1988 Words: @pmonkhouse1 #BadNews @all_things_rik_and_ade

An Extraordinary Life: The Inspiring Legacy of Musician John Wetton

The poignant and inspiring life of John Wetton in An Extraordinary Life book. A must-read for music lovers and those seeking hope in troubled times. Out Now! Words: @rock_pixs

Wolfgang Van Halen / Mammoth II cements his place in the landscape of modern rock

Mammoth II Explosive second album from Mammoth WVH. With powerful riffs, emotive vocals, and boundary-pushing sound, this record showcases WVH's true identity. Words: @danybass18 Photo: @rock_pixs @mammothwvh @bmguk
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