Shores Of Null / The Loss Of Beauty, dark, tempestuous and melancholic doom

Album review - Shores Of Null - The Loss Of Beauty. Continues in that dark, tempestuous and melancholic vein and once again an impressive release. @shoresofnull @spikerotrecords

Asphagor take Black Metal to a whole new level with Pyrogenesis

Tyrolean Black Metal quintet Asphagor return with fourth studio album, Pyrogenesis, a blistering slab of impressively complex and sophisticated Black Metal. @asphagorofficial @mdd_records

Dream Upon Tombs have woken from their necromantic slumber

I have been very impressed with some of the broad-ranging Black Metal hailing from Australia of late, and Palaces Of Dust is no exception.

The Giant’s Fall / An essential listen for Sludge/Stoner/Doom fans

The Giant's Fall / An essential listen for Sludge/Stoner/Doom fans. @thegiantsfall #FYCRecords

Death Pill / Ukraine hardcore punk debut remarkable and inspiring

Death Pill, the Ukraine hardcore punk power trio, unleash their self-titled debut album. Packed with punch and groove, and unrelenting addictiveness. @deathpill_band @newheavysounds

Siege Of Power / A lot more serious this time around with This Is Tomorrow

Five years after their debut, Siege of Power return with This Is Tomorrow and for them, the pressure was definitely on regarding the follow-up's creation. @siege_of_power_ @metalbladerecords

SPLEEN and friends provide genuine enjoyment at The Hope And Ruin, Brighton

SPLEEN - Human Leather - Plague Arcade - The Gaslight Illuminati - Hope And Ruin, Brighton - 10 Feb 2023. Eclectic mix of people attending, a great atmosphere. @olispleen Words and Photography: Jools Green

Tulus / Why we love the commonality of darkness and groove on Fandens Kall

Tulus - Fandens Kall - Album Review. Tulus have once again kept it classic and simple, and the result is absolutely superb. They are a grossly underrated band. @tulusband @soulsellerrecords

Frozen Dawn / The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods is bone-chillingly good

Frozen Dawn - The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods (Transcending Obscurity Records) - Definitely as good as Those Of The Cursed Light, possibly even better. @frozendawn_official @transcendingobscurity

Lumen Ad Mortem / Upon The Edge Of Darkness is skilfully composed and performed

Upon The Edge Of Darkness, the debut studio full-length from Black Metal trio Lumen Ad Mortem, emanates iciness and shadowy pine forest eeriness.

Negative Vortex / Tomb Absolute hugely atmospheric, powerful and bleak

Album review - Negative Vortex - Tomb Absolute (Sentient Ruin Laboratories). Over eight years in the making, this album is meticulously composed and delivered. @negativevortex @sentientruin

Obituary / Dying Of Everything has some of their best work

Obituary - Dying Of Everything (Relapse). Obituary deliver some of their best work over three decades into their career. "I think it comes down to passion," John Tardy says. @obituaryband @relapserecords

ScvmFvzz / Dag Basturd and Billi Bollox Make Punk Rock Shit Again

Make Punk Rock Shit Again! An audacious ambition, but was it ever shit? And if it was, do Scvmfvzz have what it takes to return it to those dubious standards? #RupturedAmbitions #ScvmFvzz

Leper Colony / Debut album pushes the boundaries beautifully

Leper Colony - Leper Colony (Transcending Obscurity Records). Musically this album delivers everything and more that this winning line-up suggests it might. @transcendingobscurity #LeperColony

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