Blood Of Indigo immediately impresses with ambitious debut

Dawn Of The Shaded World, the debut album from Symphonic Gothic Metal band Blood of Indigo, is an ambitious offering that immediately impresses and is probably not what you would necessarily expect from a first release. @bloodofindigo_

Carrion Vael / Abhorrent Obsessions written with “absolute savagery”

Carrion Vael release Abhorrent Obsessions, an album melding a strong Technical Death Metal element with Melodic and traditional Death Metal plus aspects of subtly delivered Slam as well as a symphonic edge. @carrionvael @uniqueleaderrecords

Vulvodynia, Pintglass, Emerald Eyes and Abuse at The Junction, Plymouth

Vulvodynia, Pintglass, Emerald Eyes, Abuse. The Junction, Plymouth. 9 July 2022. Jools Green reports on a night of live Death Metal. Photography: @keithconlinphotography @vulvodyniaslam

Inhuman Condition / Thrash-infused Death Metal as technically perfect as possible

Album review. Inhuman Condition - Fearsick, (Listenable Insanity Records. Massacre’s loss was definitely Inhuman Condition’s gain. @inhuman_condition_band

Begrime Exemious / Guaranteed to leave a filthy trail of apocalyptic devastation

Album review. Begrime Exemious. Rotting In The Aftermath. Crank up the volume and brace for aural impact, leaving a trail of apocalyptic devastation.@begrimeexemious @darkdescentrecords

Protector / Excessive Outburst Of Depravity shows you can’t keep a good thrasher down

Protector - Excessive Outburst Of Depravity (High Roller Records). Album Review.You can't keep a good thrasher down, they say, something that goes doubly for Thrash Metal veterans Protector. @protectorofdeath666 @highrollerrecordsofficial

Khold – Svartsyn – “The thing I love so much about their sound? The atmosphere

Album review - Khold – Svartsyn (Soulseller). Norwegian Black Metal outfit Khold finally returns after eight years with a follow-up to the icily superb Til Endes.@kholdofficial @soulsellerrecords

Album Of The Week / The seriously underrated Exocrine release The Hybrid Suns

Seriously underrated, there is an enormous skill, technical mastery and experimentation involved in their work.@exocrine_official @uniqueleaderrecords #TechnicalDeathMetal

Stillborn / Cultura de la Muerte, an engagingly brutal assault on the senses

Album review: Stillborn - Cultura de la Muerte (Godz Ov War Productions). Release Date: 10 June 2022. This is an engagingly brutal assault on the senses.@godz_ov_war_productions #Stillborn

Furnace / Stellarum is a brilliant chapter in a superb trilogy of albums

Album Review: Furnace – Stellarum (MDD Records).Rogga Johansson and Peter Svensson deliver a brilliant chapter in a superb trilogy of albums.

Black Metal Live / A Forest of Stars, Wolvencrown, Cistvaen and Adder deliver in Plymouth

Live gig/convcert review. A Forest of Stars, Wolvencrown, Cistvaen, Adder. Photography: @keithconlinphotography Underground, Plymouth - 28 May 2022. Four bands, four great Black Metal performances. @aforestofstarsband @wolvencrown @cistvaenuk #Adder

Malignant Aura / Abysmal Misfortune Is Draped Upon Me is superbly bleak and haunting

Malignant Aura. Abysmal Misfortune Is Draped Upon Me is a magnificently unnerving hulk of Death Doom that creeps slowly upon you, smothering you with its bleak, shadowy and haunting grandeur. @malignantaura666 @bitterlossrecords

Belushi Speed Ball / Spongebob inspired What, Us Worry? is outrageously entertaining

Hold onto your hats and any other loose objects because those lovable eccentric Thrashers, Belushi Speed Ball from Louisville, are back with another album, the eight-track, twenty-eight-minute, What, Us Worry? @belushispeedball @sonablast

Decapitated drop the album of their career with Cancer Culture

I think Decapitated have dropped the album of their careers (so far) with Cancer Culture. @decapitatedband @nuclearblastrecordsFor me it encapsulates the power and technical mastery that drew me to the first release of theirs to cross my path and seize my attention, 2006’s Organic Hallucinosis.

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