Interview / Opia: A New Force In Gothic Doom Metal

Interview: Opia: A Rising Gothic Doom Metal Band with a Unique Blend of Dark Atmosphere and Powerful Vocals. We spoke with Tereza Rohelova and Dan Tregenna. Interview: Jools green @opiaband_official @tereza_opia

Trivax / A Powerful Journey In Eastern Death Magick

Trivax - Eloah Burns Out: A Spectacularly Commanding Offering of Eastern Death Magick in Black Death Metal | Cult Never Dies | Release Date: 29 September 2023 Words: Jools Green @trivax_official @cultneverdies

Bulletbelt / Burn It Up A Reinvention Of Power And Classic Metal

Bulletbelt - Burn It Up A Surprising Journey from Black/Thrash to Power/Heavy Metal. Definitely full of surprises and an engaging listen well worth checking out. Words: Jools Green @bulletbeltnz

Verderbnis Unleash Debut Album Paria: A Hypnotic Black Metal Offering

Verderbnis - Paria (Black Sunset): A Hypnotic, Melodic Voyage into Progressive Black Metal | Release Date: 22 September 2023 @verderbnis.band

Dantalion Returns With Fatum – A Must-listen For Black Metal Fans

Dantalion Returns with Powerful Ninth Studio Album, Fatum – A Magnificent Black Metal Offering Packed with Emotion and Intensity. A gripping listen end to end. Words: Jools Green @dantalion_official @non_serviam_records

Heads For The Dead / Unnerving Excellence In The Absence Of Faith

Heads For The Dead Returns with Unnerving Excellence: In The Absence Of Faith EP | A Horror-Inspired Death Metal Experience | Out September 1, 2023 Words: Jools Green @headsforthedead @pulverised

Marduk / Memento Mori , Black Metal Guaranteed To Get Under Your Skin

The intense and raw sound of Marduk's fifteenth studio release, Memento Mori. With captivating vocals and catchy brutality, this album is a must-listen. Words: Jools Green @mardukofficial @centurymediarecords

Temple of Dread Unleash Brutal Death Metal with Beyond Acheron

Unleash the Brutality: Temple Of Dread Fourth Studio Album, Beyond Acheron, Set to Amaze with Intense Death Metal Soundscapes and Captivating Classical Themes Words: Jools Green @templeofdreadofficial @testimony_records

Orobas / From Bangladesh to Denmark – New Blackened Death Metal Album Coming Soon

Discover the journey of Blackened Death Metal band Orobas from Bangladesh to Denmark. Learn about their music, lineup changes, and news of upcoming album. Words: Jools Green #Orobas

Temple of Katharsis Unleash Long-awaited Black Metal Album Macabre Ritual

Unleash the Darkness: Temple of Katharsis Macabre Ritual - Greek Black Metal at its Finest. Hypnotic, haunting, and scathingly acidic. Eight scorching tracks. #TempleOfKatharsis @theogoniarecords

WAGS to Wytches / Plymouth-based Riot Grrrl Band Releases Powerful Debut EP 23

Plymouth-based Riot Grrrl band WAGS to Wytches release captivating debut EP 23, with thought-provoking lyrics, a unique esoteric angle and elements of occult. @wagstowytches_official

Sznur Return with Ludzina, a Raw and Brutal Offering of Polish Black Metal

Discover the raw and brutal sound of Polish Black Metal trio Sznur in their latest release, Ludzina (People), featuring intense driving riffs and acidic vocals. Words: Jools Green @projektsznur @godz_ov_war_production

Akercocke – Decades Of Devil Worship a superb testament

Relive the glory days of Akercocke with Decades of Devil Worship, in an iconic live set. A unique blend of Progressive Blackened Death Metal and satanic lyrics. @akercockeband @peacevillerecords

Somniate / We Have Proved Death a Dark and Dystopian Black Metal Offering

Somniate - We Have Proved Death. A dark, sophisticated Black Metal offering Inspired by In Watermelon Sugar, a Twisted Post-Apocalyptic novel.

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