Decapitated drop the album of their career with Cancer Culture

I think Decapitated have dropped the album of their careers (so far) with Cancer Culture. @decapitatedband @nuclearblastrecordsFor me it encapsulates the power and technical mastery that drew me to the first release of theirs to cross my path and seize my attention, 2006’s Organic Hallucinosis.

Lord Belial rekindle the fire with Rapture, the Black Metal highlight of 2022

Album review. Lord Belial - Rapture (Hammerheart Records) Release Date: 27 May 2022.This release is undoubtedly set to be the Black Metal highlight for 2022. @lordbelialband @hammerheartrecords666

Jungle Rot / A Call To Arms is a master class in Death Metal

Jungle Rot. Their llatest offering, A Call To Arms, is a ten-track offering spanning thirty-three minutes that packs as much punch as it does head-nodding groove. @jungle_rot @uniqueleaderrecords

Lviv, Ukraine / “Why not add some spirituality to Metal?” says Nonsun’s Goatooth

From Lviv in Ukraine, Nonsun released their excellent album Blood And Spirit last month.MetalTalk's Jools Green spoke with guitarist Goatooth, who was in good spirits, considering the devastating impact of the Russian invasion. @nonsun_band @dunkrecords

DunkelNacht / Final EP Sombre Nuit is a marker for new beginnings

Album Review. DunkelNacht release Sombre Nuit (Non Serviam Records) on 16 May 2022.This EP is a tribute from DunkelNacht to the true origins of Extreme Metal. This isn't the end but a marker for new beginnings. @_dunkelnacht_ @non_serviam_records

Album Of The Week / Static Abyss – a masterclass in flesh searing Death/Doom

Static Abyss' debut offering, Labyrinth Of Veins, promises to deliver a dose of eerie Death/Doom Metal depravity as a new mouthpiece for a rotten age.Labyrinth Of Veins is a masterclass in flesh searing Death/Doom. Chris and Greg make a formidable and impressive duo. @static_abyss @peacevillerecords

Speckmann Project / Resurrected with old school, filthy Death Metal of Fiends Of Emptiness

Thirty years after the debut album was released, one of the pioneers of Extreme Metal, Paul Speckmann, has resurrected his Speckmann Project.If you enjoy old school, filthy Death Metal, then Fiends Of Emptiness should definitely appeal to you. @paulspeckmann @emanzipationprod

Matricide / Walk Into The Flames is Groove Metal done well

Matricide have today released the Walk Into The Flames, their first new music this year.Walk Into The Flames is Groove Metal done well. A beautifully fluid track. @matricideofficial

Nonsun / Blood And Spirit is a slightly unnerving and powerfully compelling listen

Drone/Doom/Sludge Metal quartet Nonsun, from Lviv in Ukraine, return with the follow up to their 2018 debut album Black Snow Desert.They have certainly become more ambitious and, in many respects, heavier with this release. @nonsun_band @dunkrecords

Blood Torrent / Innovative, unique and varied on Void Universe

Album Review. Blood Torrent release Void Universe, a meld of old school Black Metal with progressive elements, alongside influences of classic Hard Rock / Punk.An album that is well varied and holds your attention. @bloodtorrent_official @trollzorn_records

Agathodaimon / “It was awesome,” Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul

INTERVIEW: Sathonys from Agathodaimon. "It was awesome," Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul.With The Seven, "my focus was to close the gap between our old roots and a modern approach." @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial @ashtrael_agathodaimon @martin.wickler

Kvaen / The Great Below magnificently treads a well-worn path

Album Review: Kvaen release The Great Below released via Black Lion Records.I love every track for different reasons. An exhilarating end to end listen. @officialkvaen @blacklionrecordsswe

Defechate / Unbounded both brutal and uniquely free thinking

Album Review: Defechate release Unbounded, via Great Dane Records, brutalising our senses further.Unbounded has a sharper focus of direction whilst still being both brutal and uniquely free thinking. @defechate @greatdanerecords

Falamh / Aeons Effigy, “the journey and discovery of oneself”

Falamh - Aeons Effigy album review. Falamh release EP Aeons Effigy, succeeding in the aim to deliver something more memorable with a stage presence.The whole EP is very reflective, atmospheric and easy to listen to. @falamh.official

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