Cult Of Luna / Full of emotion, The Long Road North is huge and impactful

Album Review: For over two decades, Sweden's Cult Of Luna have delivered an increasingly ambitious sound. The Long Road North is huge and filled with emotion. @cultofluna @metalbladerecords

Mortuary Drape / Mysteries of the occult with a classic ’90s feel

Album Review. Mortuary Drape return with their new studio EP Wisdom - Vibration - Repent. The album is an impressive successor to 2014s full-length Spiritual Independence. @mortuarydrapeofficial @peacevillerecords

Black Altar and Vulture Lord are well-paired on Dethiah Manifesto

Black Altar and Vulture Lord well-paired on Dethiah Manifesto. Polish Black Metallers Black Altar and Norwegian Black/Thrash Vulture Lord add four tracks each. @blackaltarband #VultureLord @odiumrecords

Kemerov / Anti-Hero is as irresistible as it is brutal

Four years after the release of their debut album FMKD, Greek four-piece Death 'n' Rollers Kemerov are back with another aural assault, Anti-Hero. Anti-Hero is such an in your face and addictive listen it's guaranteed to drop kick you into next week! @kemerov_gr

Brood of Hatred / The Golden Age is a superbly head spinning and enthralling listen

Muhammed Mêlki is back with his wonderfully fluid meld of Metal, releasing The Golden Age, a superbly head spinning and enthralling listen. Definitely worth your attention if you enjoy something a little more adventurous in your Metal. @broodofhatred

Burned In Effigy / Bigger, better, Rex Mortem will leave you stunned and impressed

REVIEW: Burned In Effigy weave a sublime meld of classical and progressive elements into their tracks. The result makes their debut full length, Rex Mortem, a stunning and essential listen. @burned_in_effigy

Chaos Perversion / Sensory annihilation of classic South American Extreme Metal style

Chilean Black/Death Metal duo Chaos Perversion are set to unleash their debut EP, Petrified Against the Emanation, upon the unsuspecting world. @sentientruin @death_total

Lawnmower Deth / Blunt Cutters is an album to lift the cobwebs of despair

With no album from "legendary garden machinery obsessed Thrash/Crossover titans" Lawnmower Deth since '93s Billy, all that is about to change with Blunt Cutters @lawnmowerdeth_pete @dissonance_productions

Abolishment Of Flesh – Unhuman Condition | MetalTalk

Texan extreme Death Metal machine Abolishment Of Flesh have been working steadily towards this debut full length for the best part of a decade, weathering multiple line-up changes, dropping an EP back in 2012 and now finally delivering 'The Inhuman Condition', and what a brutal face ripper it is.

Nihility / Beyond Human Concepts puts the “interesting” back into Death Metal

A lot of bands could learn from this album. @nihility_official

Punk and Extreme Metal / Looking Back on 2021: A Year in Review

2021 may not have been the year we have hoped for, but in terms of quality studio releases, musicians across the genres of Punk and Metal have turned adversity into triumph.

Decerebration / Follow The Scars brings delightfully brutal positivity out of adversity

1998 saw the first and only release of new material from Canadian Death Metal outfit Decerebration. Now, just over two decades on, and they are finally back with the new release, Follow The Scars, and it's a delightfully brutal and engaging offering.

Ethereal Shroud / Trisagion is Black Metal deep enough to drown in

Ethereal Shroud was originally formed back in 2013 by Joseph Hawker as a way to anonymously test the waters with the sound he wished to perfect, his slant on Atmospheric Black Metal,...

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