It’s been scientifically proven that certain types of music can boost your adrenaline. Rap and Metal are, so to speak, loud genres that give you an extra pump when you’re working out. Despite that, Metal’s unique sound has also been proven to increase focus and concentration, or in other words, it’s beneficial to listen to Metal music.

However, most people aren’t Metal fans, which is fine, and get their adrenaline rush from other things. For example, if you’re an extreme sports fan then you like zorbing, sky diving or mountain biking; if you’re a gamer you like to play video games, play slots online or play tabletop games.

The period from the late 70s and the early 80s is well known to Metalheads as the Golden Age of Heavy Metal. During this period, many bands emerged and solidified themselves as absolute Metal legends. Bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Motörhead were topping charts and driving fans crazy with their albums.

One such band that is still very much alive and kicking today is Judas Priest. They’re an English Heavy Metal band formed in 1969, known for songs like ‘Breaking The law’, ‘Hellrider’, ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” and many more. Another thing this band is famous for is their leather-and-studs image as well as lead vocalist’s Rob Halford’s habit of driving a motorbike on stage.

If you’re a Metal fan then you’re surely familiar with Judas Priest. Even if you somehow haven’t heard of them, here’s a list of the band’s best songs so far:

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
This song takes a simpler and calmer approach that’s not like the band’s style. Rob doesn’t use the full capacity of his voice but manages to command the track anyway. ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” is one of Judas Priest’s radio-friendly songs.

Dreamer Deceiver
‘Dreamer Deceiver’ is a rather slow track, however one of the band’s first epic tracks, from the album ‘Sad Wings Of Destiny’. The album version is good but to feel the tune to the extent you should listen to their live 70s performance.

Living After Midnight
Yet another radio friendly Judas Priest song and the first one from their legendary album ‘British Steel’. The album was their first to reach gold status in the US and this sing-along tune is easy to remember.

Beyond The Realms Of Death
If you think that Judas Priest is a band that only plays their guitars as fast and as powerful as they can and scream out every lyric then listen to ‘Beyond The Realms Of Death’ and think again. This song represents the very top of the band’s abilities. Tipton and Downing’s six-string duo and solos, as well as Rob’s mixture of powerful screaming and softer singing, is a performance that any fan wouldn’t forget.

What better way to end this list than with a song as loud as the drum solo in the beginning! Mr Halford adopts a unique singing style and the song’s main riff hitting you in the face is just the definition of brilliance. If you somehow haven’t heard this song, you should definitely check it out.

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