Empire broke through last year with their debut album ‘Self Aware’ and today they have released an acoustic re-interpretation of the track ‘Drive’.

Frontman Henrik tells us: “Empyre’s first opportunities to play festivals were often offers of playing an acoustic set on a side stage, and we got a bit of a rep for it.

“Therefore, as people got to discover us they discovered our acoustic versions along with the electric versions. Naturally the question would crop up now and again of whether any would be released.

Now we get to answer that question with ‘Drive’.”

While last year was a successful year for the band, they were set to blast that out of the water this year, before the obvious cancellations hit home.

However, that does not stop the creative process. Henrik continues :

“It (Drive) was the obvious choice for us as our first ever full-band acoustic release. It was our first acoustic duo YouTube video, the first full band electric video, and it’s often the song that kicks off our live set. The vibe is different in this version, it’s a bit more relaxed and a bit more funky.

“There’s new rhythmic bass and drum parts, a new chorus riff and cool new guitar intro. It’s practically re-written from the ground up, but still captures the essence of the original. We think it’s a great way to introduce acoustic Empyre.”

Watch the video here:

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