Empyre / Dour Misery And Rock Brilliance At The Patriot

Empyre - The Patriot, Crumlin - 30 September 2023 - Simply a stunning band, 2023 has been huge. With the right direction and support, 2024 could be gargantuan. Plus Ethyrfield. Words and Photography: @hutchie224 @empyrerock @patriothomeofrock @ethyrfield

NWOCR Livefest / Empyre And The Treatment Close Rapturous Saturday

The electrifying energy of NWOCR Livefest with The Treatment and Empyre. A weekend filled with classic rock, high-octane performances, and unforgettable moments. Words: @sophzrocks Photo: @jason_samuels_photography71 @nwocrlivefest @kkssteelmill @thetreatmentofficial @empyrerock

Steelhouse 2023 / The Answer Lead A Wet And Muddy Sunday Afternoon

Experience the highlights of Steelhouse Festival 2023 - Sunday, featuring Troy Redfern, Empyre, The Vintage Caravan, and The Answer.Photo: @hutchie224 and @photos.bygeoo@steelhousefest @hutchie224 @photos.bygeoo #steelhousefestival2023 @troyredfern @empyrerock @thevintagecaravan @theanswerrock

Empyre / The Challenges Making Relentless And Writing The Saddest Song

Empyre - Relentless: An Inside Look at the Band's Journey and Creative Process, from Lockdown to Album Release and writing the saddest song they could. Interview: Sophie James @empyrerock @kscopemusic

Empyre – Tivoli/ Atmospheric, Reflective Exquisitely Delivered Mood Music

Empyre Rocks Tivoli with Stunning Performance. Watching Empyre is a richly rewarding experience. The proficiency of the musicianship is undeniable. Words: Sophie James Photography: @jason_samuels_photography71 @empyrerock @tivolivenue

Empyre at this intimate Northampton setting was a real privilege

Gig Review - Empyre - The Black Prince, Northampton 11 March 2023. A perfect performance from a band destined for very big things in the next couple of years. Words and Photo: @andyshaw16 @empyrerock @ethyrfield

Empyre sign to Kscope and release Relentless

UK rock band Empyre have recently signed to Kscope and will release their new album Relentless on 31 March 2023. The title track from the album is out now. @empyrerock @kscopemusic


Empire broke through last year with their debut album 'Self Aware' and today they have released an acoustic re-interpretation of the track 'Drive'.Frontman Henrik tells us: “Empyre's first opportunities to play festivals...

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