Ahead of the release of the new Firewind album (15 May), the band have today released the track ‘Welcome To The Empire’ from the album in video format, directed by Panagiotis Kountouras.

Guitarist Gus G told MetalTalk: “Welcome To The Empire is the opening track of the album and an obvious choice for a single.

“Making the video was an ongoing work in progress as we filmed the band performance back in January. However, we wanted to blend in futuristic visual effects for the story and as I’m a huge sci-fi movie fan, I wanted to incorporate something along those lines.

“Our director Panagiotis Kountouras came up with the concept and we collaborated with MDP, a vfx company out of Hollywood, CA.

“The story is set in a dystopia, where humanity has been surrendered to the New World Order. Two cyborgs are playing with the future of mankind in a chess game. Each move has consequences and technology will be the only winner.

“It was a really challenging production, but we love the end result. We hope you will too!“

MetalTalk recently reviewed the ‘highly recommended’ album – the link to the article ‘GUS G REBOOTS HIS FIRST LOVE – FIREWIND’ is below.

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