Elz and The Cult’s ‘Bloodline’ channels Elz’s alter-ego, a Villain Child/Clown

‘Bloodline’, the second studio album from the Istanbul based Industrial Goth Metal band Elz and The Cult, has just been released and its builds on the critical and commercial success the band garnered with their 2016 single ‘I Did This to Myself’.

‘Bloodline’ takes us through the narrative of ELZ’s alter-ego “Villain Child/Clown”, a non-binary lost child repressed in the middle east, a product of the later-21st century mentality and looking for a way to “heal’ through this record.

It simply embodies the message: “I’m disgusting, I’m everything you hate about this world and everything that you love and desire. But I’m from your blood, we are from the same flesh, we are a BLOODLINE”.

ELZ & THE CULT album cover

The album was produced and mixed by Taner Yucel, and mastered by Gorkem Karabudak. ‘Bloodline’ will be released through all digital platforms, on CD by Cold Transmission Music, Germany and on vinyl by Young and Cold Records.

A special limited-edition cassette will follow by DOMUZ Records.

You can watch the track ‘Horrified’ below, or check out the whole album on Spotify here.

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