Underside / Metal For Nepal relaunched as hunger death cases rise

Nepalese Metal Band Underside have relaunched their ‘Metal For Nepal’ Charity initiative, at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a Humanitarian Crisis in Nepal, with people already dying from starvation and thousands who are still without access to food and water.

The cancellation of the climbing season has left Nepali communities destitute, while thousands of Indian workers are stuck at the border trying to get home and all round the country daily wage workers are struggling for the most basics of life.

Underside are appealing to Metal Heads around the World to help again. Their statement reads:

“Hello, this is Underside from Kathmandu, Nepal. We hope you’re all keeping safe in these strange times. We’re aware the whole world is struggling with the consequences of this pandemic; but wish urgently to highlight the crisis currently afflicting a third-world country like Nepal.

“As seen in many societies, it’s the people at the bottom of the ladder suffering the most. Thousands of migrant workers from India are trying to get home, causing a humanitarian crisis at the border. People haven’t had access to food and water for days.

“This is simply unacceptable. Even in Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu, daily wage workers are dying from starvation. We want to do something about it, just as we did during Nepal’s cataclysmic earthquake in 2015, which destroyed over 600,000 homes.

“With the help of our amazing Swiss friends at No Silence for Nepal Association and the support of the global metal community, we were able to build over 300 homes in the district of Gorkha.

“We firmly believe the Metal and Arts community will come together once again and help us save lives! We are requesting your support in whatever way you can.

“Stay safe and lots of love from Kathmandu, Nepal.”

As well as making donations, the Heavy Metal Community can also purchase band merchandise as well as artwork from international Tattoo Artists such as John Ma (Nepal), Bimal Rai (Nepal), Ahaj Man (Thailand), Arne (Germany), Dong Dong Ci (China) and many more.

For those unable to donate – or even those who can – the band are encouraging people to harness the power of social media to spread awareness, make a post, record a video, go live, and let followers know about the cause anyway they can.

More details can be found on their website here.

This is not the first time Underside have used their success to help their home country before. The Nepalese earthquake in 2015 destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and through international touring, Underside and their ‘Metal For Nepal’ initiative has already rebuilt 300 new homes.

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