The Dead Daisies / Holy Ground is a marriage made in heaven

The Dead Daisies have returned with their fifth album and first with their new singer, as the voice of Rock himself Mr Glenn Hughes has taken over the vocal duties.

And ‘Holy Ground’ is indeed an explosive album packed with big choruses, bigger riffs and enough energy to power a small city.

The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground (SPV/Steamhammer)

Release Date: 22 January 2021

Words: Kahmel Farahani

The new album opens with the bombastic title track ‘Holy Ground’. While the music is standard fair for The Daisies, Glenn Hughes has brought with him his own inimitable style and melodic sense. It is a marriage made in heaven for the band, since Hughes is a perfect fit. The fact that he is almost 70 years old simply beggars belief.

Photo of legendary bass/vocalist Glenn Hughes
Glenn Hughes. Photo: Steve Ritchie

‘Holy Ground’ is followed by an early highlight, the funky ‘Like No Other (Bassline)’. Guitarist Doug Aldrich manages to pack so much energy into his playing, that the riffs and solos on this song and indeed the entire album sizzle.

Aldrich told MetalTalk in a recent episode of MetalTalk TV, that with this album the band had sought a musical revolution of their sound and it is pretty clear they have pulled it off with some great success.

Doug told MetalTalk: “I knew it would be amazing! Glenn is just so musical in everything he does and he really brought a lot to the band. There was nothing wrong with the lineup before and we love those guys, but we just wanted to have a fresh start and start a musical revolution with the band, and getting Glenn was just the perfect opportunity for that. He said ‘Doug, it’s time for us to make some music together'”.

‘Come Alive’ kicks off with Deen Castronovo’s thunderous drums, before another irresistible riff from Aldrich propels the song. The Daisies keep it lean on this album as usual, with no flabby ballads or overly lengthy songs in sight. ‘My Fate’ rides in on one of the heaviest riffs of the album, before subsiding to a thoughtful melodic vocal from Hughes.

‘Chosen and Justified’ is a straight ahead Daisies anthem, built around some big power chords and a simple melody, while ‘Saving Grace’ is more of a hard driving rocker, surely written to be blasted out live and very loud.

If there is one unifying theme to The Dead Daisies music, it is surely Doug Aldrich’s guitar playing on which the rest of the band builds the anthemic qualities of the vocals and drums.

Photo of Doug Aldrich, from The Dead Daisies
Doug Aldrich, The Dead Daisies. Photo: Robert Sutton.

Keeping up their tradition of paying tribute to their heroes and tackling a cover song per album, The Dead Daisies have given Humble Pie’s classic ’30 Days In the Hole’ one hell of a turbo-charging. The Daisies are at their best when they cut loose with minimal polish. Between Hughes soulful singing and Castronovo’s massive drums, it is one of the best songs on the album.

‘Holy Ground’ ends with the only longer song on the record, ‘Far Away’. Starting with Hughes soaring vocals over strings and acoustic guitars, the song builds steadily into an graceful, fiery guitar solo from Aldrich.

As amplifiers fade out and the album ends, you can not help but be impressed.

The Dead Daisies have delivered a solid record from start to finish and Glen Hughes has proven one fine addition to the band, both as a singer and songwriter.

All in all, one of the best Hard Rock albums of the year so far.

Tour Delay

Doug told MetalTalk his thoughts about touring: “Well hopefully we are going to go on the road this year. I think we start rehearsals in March. We have got a brand new show, a new production. We are totally starting fresh. I am hoping by May or June we will be clear to travel.”

But last week, The Dead Daisies ‘Get Out Of The House’ European Spring Tour was unfortunately postponed to early 2022.

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