Ward XVI

Ward XVI Smash Crowd Fund Target In Two Hours

Join the crowdfunding campaign for Ward XVI's final album and help create a bigger, bloodier stage show. Get involved and be part of their thrilling journey! @wardxvi

Ward XVI / “As musicians, we blend into the background and let the story take over”

Having built up their reputation on two sterling albums and some inventive theatrical performances, Ward XVI were finally able to take their tour on the road promoting their Metamorphosis album.This nationwide jaunt...

Ward XVI / Transforming the humble gig into something extraordinary

Ward XVI. The Brickmakers, Norwich. 14 April 2022. Photo: @rock_pixsThere are very few bands in the country who would even consider putting on an arena-sized show in a pub, but Ward XVI is not an ordinary band. @wardxvi @pmonkhouse1

Ward XVI / Full theatric Metamorphosis shows announced

Ward XVI will bring their full theatric performances of their album Metamorphosis to shows across the UK this year. The band are also on the bill for Hammerfest, Primordial and Rockin' The Bowl. @wardxvi

Ward XVI / Metamorphosis is disturbing, unsettling, grand and exhilarating

We all secretly like something that scares us a little, that little frisson of goose-bumping, sweat inducing fear that makes our hearts beat a little faster and makes us feel alive. There...

Ward XVI / Unplugged and speaking of huge ambition

It’s without doubt that Ward XVI have become the new royalty of shock rock and their stunning ‘Metamorphosis’ album was a huge highlight of the year. As the last embers of a...

Cum On Feel The Newz: 19 September 2020

With the 50th Anniversary of the sad loss of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, we were excited to read a story in the Edinburgh Evening News that the '66 Jimi Hendrix Experience breakthrough single...

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