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Download Festival 2023 / Dinosaur Pile-Up shine despite gig gremlins

Dinosaur Pile-Up produced an epic set at Download Festival 2023 - Sunday. Despite technical difficulties they gave it their all and rocked The Opus stage. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16 @dpuofficial

Download Festival 2023 / Ghost Make A Triumphant And Electrifying Return To Castle Donington

Experience the epic return of Ghost at Download Festival 2023 - Sunday. From Kaisarion to Square Hammer, their performance was nothing short of triumphant. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16 @thebandghost

Download Festival 2023 / Slipknot thrill with an Iconic Headlining Performance

The ultimate Heavy Metal showdown! Slipknot headline Download Festival 2023 - Sunday, bringing an adrenaline-fueled performance that will leave you jawed. @slipknot #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / It’s a record-breaking year

The most successful Download Festival ever, celebrating 20 years with Metallica and more headlining. Read MetalTalk's coverage and get Early Bird tickets for 2024. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / The Hu and The Meffs Take Download by Storm

Download Festival 2023 - Sunday! Hear the haunting music of The Hu and rock out to punk anthems from The Meffs. Don't miss out on the festival's 20th anniversary celebration. @thehuofficial @themeffsuk #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / The Unholy Aura of Behemoth

Experience the ultimate Death Metal spectacle with Behemoth at Download Festival 2023 - Sunday. Witness their fiery performance and be reminded why they're still an institute after 30 years. @behemothofficia #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / Rock Queens Hawxx and Swedish Metal Titans Avatar Rule

Experience the heat and thunder of Download Festival 2023 - Sunday with HAWXX and Avatar. Read our coverage and share your experience with MetalTalk. @avatarmetal @hawxxmusic #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023/ The Ferocity of Municipal Waste, Antisaint and Stray From The Path

The ferocity of Antisaint and the fury of Stray From The Path at Download Festival 2023. Municipal Waste bring the old-school thrash metal to new heights. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16 @municipalwaste @antisaintband @strayfromthepath

Download Festival 2023 / Sunday Is Another Scorching Hot Furnace

Join us for the final frontier of Download Festival 2023 on Sunday. With Slipknot headlining, this scorching hot furnace won't disappoint. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / Metallica on Saturday, a Night to Remember

The Metallica family had a night of Heavy Metal heaven at Download Festival 2023. Dad Jokes from James Hetfield and mile-wide grins from Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich. @metallica #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / Alexisonfire and Rising Punk Stars Bob Vylan shine on Saturday

The power of Alexisonfire's three lead vocalists and Bob Vylan's punk anthems at Download Festival 2023 - Saturday. A visually and sonically stunning event! @bobbyvylan @aof_official #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / Disturbed are Unstoppable on Saturday

Disturbed at Download Festival 2023. Join the festivities and celebrate 20 years of Metal. Check out MetalTalk's coverage now! #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16

Download Festival 2023 / GWAR gloves off while Placebo are achingly cool

Don't miss the epic Download Festival 2023 - Saturday event featuring GWAR and Placebo! From alien battles to electro-art rock, this festival has it all. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16 @placeboworld @gwar

Download Festival 2023 / Saturday Motionless In White and Three Days Grace

Experience the unmatched emo-heavy music dream of Motionless In White and the epic performance of Three Days Grace at Download Festival 2023. Check out MetalTalk's coverage of the festival's 20th anniversary celebration with four days of live music. #DownloadFest @DownloadFest @montysewellrocks_ @pmonkhouse1 @snapagig @andyshaw16 @threedaysgraceofficial @motionlessinwhite

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