Download Festival 2023 / Alexisonfire and Rising Punk Stars Bob Vylan shine on Saturday

Download Festival 2023 – Saturday. One of the most influential bands on the Hardcore scene, Alexisonfire don’t have a thing to prove, but that doesn’t stop them from going all out on their Apex stage set.

Alexisonfire - Download Festival 2023.
Alexisonfire – Download Festival 2023. Photo: John Hayhurst/MetalTalk

Visually and sonically set apart, their use of three lead vocalists is a dizzying proposal that works beautifully. Brilliantly describing their music famously as “the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight,” they brought their full force to the masses.

Alexisonfire - Download Festival 2023.
Alexisonfire – Download Festival 2023. Photo: John Hayhurst/MetalTalk

Bob Vylan

Rising stars of the punk scene, Bob Vylan had a rapt Avalanche stage that was spilling out of its sides, absolutely hooked. Rabble rousing anthems like I Heard You Want Your County Back and CSGB caused instant circle pits, the world-changing rock of Rage Against The Machine echoing in their power.

Bob Vylan - Download Festival 2023.
Bob Vylan – Download Festival 2023. Photo: John Hayhurst/MetalTalk

For a duo, they make a lot of noise, and that’s something that’s only going to get louder as they take on the world. Bob Vylan realised that words are weapons, and their skills should see the London duo heard above the chatter of twisted ideologies, shattering barriers.

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Download Festival 2023

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Download Festival 2023 was a record breaking year.

Download 2023 will see the festival celebrate its 20th anniversary with an additional day, meaning four days of live music in total.

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