Shiny Daggers / Delivering a high quality brutal Scandinavian atmosphere

“Blistering skies above the majestic landscapes in a cloud of misty woods, Shiny Daggers enter the unholy world of Nordic Metal. Fire souls, darkness unite, as the devil inside unlocks lurking spirits in a fascination of sexual lust and strangulation.”

Shiny Daggers – Devil Inside (EP, Emanzipation Productions)

Release date: 19 March 2021

Words: By Jools Green

Enter Danish Extreme Metal quartet Shiny Daggers, a “highly conceptual band and release devoted purely to the Nordic Metal and culture.”

Shiny Daggers deliver “Ice-cold Nordic Metal” with their debut EP ‘Devil Inside’. They are a band that is currently shrouded in a lot of mystery and intrigue, which is always something that will grab my attention.

All I know is their monikers and tasks; Obesitus Shreddius: strings, Monachos: battery, Arkan The Black: keys and Galeopithecus: howls. That and the fact that this two track EP which spans a brief but powerful seven minutes is one seriously good listen that more than lives up to any perceived hype.

The vocals deliver with a deranged vitriolic clarity and the lyrics are catchy and memorable. Second time through you will be singing along.

The intense energy from the blackened thrashy drive is off the scale, the riffs are as catchy as the lyrics. Both tracks, ‘Necro’, with its searing opening scream and driving riffs which gallop through in an unstoppable manner, and the cold black deathly unrelenting drive of ‘Master Killer’ are utterly brilliant in their own right.

The thing that I love most of all about ‘Devil Inside’ is that Shiny Daggers capture that often lost, 80’s Old School Scandinavian brutal atmosphere, without sounding old.

The only thing I do not like is that there are JUST two tracks, because listening to them makes me want to hear SO much more!!

Definitely quality over quantity here!!

‘Devil Inside’ will be available as a in red-swirl vinyl 12″, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

If you are interested, you had better grab one soon, as my brief regarding the EP said “Soon-to-be rare and cult” and I do not think that is an idle boast!

Available to order at

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