Putin’s invasion of Ukraine threatens Imperial Age concerts

Imperial Age, the impressive self-funded Russian Symphonic Metal band have seen their March UK dates threatened by recent events. This Covid-19 affected tour had been planned for over two years and four postponements.

Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” at dawn on Thursday, which led to Russian forces invading Ukraine territory and Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine means that the chances of Imperial Age arriving in the UK are evaporating.

Imperial Age tonight released a statement:

“‘Wars do not make one great.’ – Master Yoda

“We do not support any actions by anyone that lead to war – the suffering and death of innocent people.

“Over the history of this planet, wars have never solved any problems. Wars are the problem.

“These colossal resources could have been spent to greatly improve lives, not end or cripple them.

“As an international metal band with a global audience and friends worldwide – including Ukraine – we stand for peace, unity and freedom, everywhere and for everyone.

“The separation of people and countries breaks everything we live for.
Our music has and always will be about bringing people together, not separating them.

“Stop the war!

“-Aor, Jane, Anna, Paul, Max, Belf”

Imperial Age have a self-funding model which most bands would admire, eventually allowing them to thrive. Their success even caused PayPal to block the bands account, allowing only payments citing “an unusual increase in revenue.”

Aor previously spoke to MetalTalk about the success of the Imperial Age Lockdown Concert, which was one of the first such gigs to prove a financial and cultural success. Their success led to record companies approaching the band. “Why have they changed their minds now,” Aor said. “There is nothing left that they can do for us outside the things we are already successfully accomplishing together with our fans.”

The UK Government has banned Russia’s national airline Aeroflot from landing in the UK, but Metaltalk understand the band were due to fly in with KLM, so there is still hope. Music does not have boundaries, and MetalTalk stands by all Heavy Metal musicians.


The Ukraine Melodic Metal band Ignea have released a social media post, writing, “At 5 AM, we woke up from the sounds of explosions all over Ukraine. Russia brutally attacked our beautiful country, a country with European values. The attack is still happening. A real war is happening. Sounds insane in the 21st century, right?

“Our soldiers are the bravest people in the world right now, and we are endlessly proud of them. IGNEA band members are staying at home. We’re not going anywhere. And we, as civilians, are doing everything possible to help our army.

“But we need the support of the world to beat the enemy. Don’t stay ignorant. We still want to see you at our shows. We want to make music, not war. And we know that metalheads are one of the most caring communities out there.

“Speak up to your governments, loudly. Act now. Share news from trusted resources. Stand with Ukraine.”

At least 705 people were arrested yesterday at anti-war protests that took place in 40 Russian cities, according to the OVD-Info protest monitor.

“As a Russian, I don’t know how to live with the shame of Putin’s aggression,” an anonymous Russian told The Guardian.


03mar7:00 amImperial Age, ManchesterRebellion

04mar7:00 amImperial Age, LondonThe Dome

05mar7:00 amImperial Age, BirminghamAsylum

06mar7:00 amImperial Age, GlasgowSlay

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