Marillion / Mark Kelly autobiography “written from the heart”

Mark Kelly will release his autobiography, Marillion, Misadventures & Marathons: The Life & Times Of Mad Jack, on 20 January 2022 via Kingmaker Publishing.

Published as a 264-page hardback, with 48 pages of photographs documenting Kelly’s life and career, Mark’s story moves from a poor early childhood in Ireland to travelling the world and playing on some of the largest stages.

“Mark Kelly deserves so much career credit,” Rick Wakeman said. “An incredibly gifted musician and composer, he has now written a book that is compelling reading. It’s rare to find such honesty in a book like this, and undoubtedly it was written from the heart.”

The book covers the departure of Fish from the band at its peak and the reinvention of the music wheel with their pioneering crowdfunding model.

Written during 2021, Kelly’s autobiography is the tale of the rise and fall and rise of one of rock music’s most enduring bands and the keyboard player at the heart of that journey.

Pre-orders are available at https://www.marillion.com/shop/merch/book06.htm

Sleeve Notes

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