Iron Maiden alumni gather for Cart & Horses ‘Wasted Year 2020’ CD

Ten Iron Maiden alumni are part of a new compilation CD celebrating the history and the future of live music at London’s world famous Cart & Horses public house in East London. 

The CD features thirteen rare and exclusive tracks featuring three ex-Iron Maiden singers (Blaze Bayley, Paul Di’Anno, Paul Mario Day), three former Iron Maiden guitarists (Tony Parsons, Terry Wapram, Terry Rance), three former Iron Maiden drummers (Doug Sampson, Barry ‘Thunderstick’ Purkis, Ron ‘Rebel’ Matthews), as well as Iron Maiden’s first ever keyboardist, Tony Moore.

Kastro Pergjoni told MetalTalk: “No matter how far you are from us, just waiting for normality to return, you will be able to listen to some of the Cart & Horses musical legends.

“To make this happen we called up our friends the former members of Iron Maiden that have performed and attended events at the Cart & Horses over the years. All of the tracks have been donated royalty free with all of the album’s profits going straight the Cart & Horses.

“Contained on this album are performances of no less than ten former members of Iron Maiden including three founder members.”

Photo of Kastro Pergjoni, Cart & Horses
Kastro Pergjoni, Cart & Horses Operations Director

The Birthplace of Iron Maiden

As you can read here, The Cart And Horses is the spiritual home of Iron Maiden. It is where the tentative first line-up of the band performed in early 1976 with Paul Mario Day on vocals.

Until June 2019 The Cart was still supporting bands hosting live performances, but the planned re-opening following a major refurbishment is delayed due to COVID-19.

After a change of ownership in 2016, the stage and walls became a shrine with memorabilia from virtually every Iron Maiden line-up. The efforts paid off as many alumni from Maiden’s formative 1970s line-ups and crew returned, often with their latest bands. It is this sense of community they brought, that makes Cart & Horses Iron Maiden legacy events so popular.

Steve Harris

Steve Harris said: “We used to go to the Cart and Horses every week to see bands like Slowbone and Dogwatch, so it was only right that I would end up playing there with Gypsy’s Kiss, Smiler and then of course Maiden. A massive part of my history and great memories. Cheers!”

Tracklist of Wasted Years 2020, the Cart & Horses CD

Cart & Horses Wasted Year 2020

The CD can be purchased from

Iron Maiden alumni mentioned by name and underlined.

  1. Witches Tower – Cris Martin’s Rock Dawn Album Ft Blaze Bayley and Barry Purkis (6.11)
  2. Influence – Gypsy’s Kiss (5.52)
  3. Guilty – Crimzon Lake E.P. version Ft Paul Mario Day (6.27)
  4. Power Of One – Lizards, Power of One album Ft Terry Rance (5.11)
  5. Mr. K – Buffalo Fish, Ft Terry Wapram from the Soundtrack of ‘Untitled (a film)’ (4.08)
  6. We Can Win – Tony Moore, Previously unreleased (3.24)
  7. The Break-Up – Ft Terry Wapram exclusive Cart & Horses track (3.05)
  8. Hit and Run – Sam Apple Pie previously unreleased, Ft Tony Parsons (4.58)
  9. The Reaper – Airforce Exclusive Cart & Horses version Ft Doug Sampson (5.20)
  10. Go Sleep With The Enemy (I Dare Ya) – Thunderstick EP version Ft Barry Purkis (3.59)
  11. The Land God Gave To Caine – Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone Ft Paul Di’Anno, (7.20)

Plus 2 bonus tracks:

  1. Love is Blind – Space Chickens, unreleased demo. Ft Ron Matthews & Terry Wapram (4.56)
  2. Fallen Hero – Press Gang Ft Tony Parsons previously unreleased (Parsons Archive) (3.34)

Album edited & mastered by Rob Grain in The WAITING! Room (Samson, Thunderstick)

Producer – Terry Wapram, Producer – Mike Chudleigh, Wordsmith – Alex Gillett

Graphic Designer – Robert Stivicic / Crusader Art, Project Manager – Kastro Pergjoni

Tracklist of Wasted Years 2020, the Cart & Horses CD

Sleeve Notes

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