Cart & Horses

Tank / The Tragedy Behind Cart & Horses Triumph

Interview: Tank - Mick van Tuckerberg and Cliff Evans. With a new lineup and a bright future, despite recent loss, the band share details on their upcoming shows and new album. Interview: Photo: @rock_pixs

Gypsy’s Kiss / Future Plans And The Wine Tour Of Europe?

The origins of Iron Maiden with an in-depth look at David Smith and Steve Harris's early band, Gypsy's Kiss, and their historic memories of The Cart & Horses. Photo: Interview: @montyrockssewell @gypsyskissband @cartandhorseslondon @rock_pixs

We’ve Come To Play – Gypsy’s Kiss Launching New Album

Exclusive: The latest news about the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Gypsy's Kiss, including new album release in 2024 and new single We've Come To Play. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @montyrockssewell @gypsyskissband @cartandhorseslondon @rock_pixs

Gypsy’s Kiss / Steve Harris, David Smith And The Cart & Horses

Interview: Celebrate Gypsy's Kiss 50th anniversary with a historical look at the band's impact in the Iron Maiden family tree. See you at Cart & Horses on 27 April 2024. Photo: Interview: @montyrockssewell @gypsyskissband @cartandhorseslondon @rock_pixs

Gypsy’s Kiss – Top Of The Iron Maiden Family Tree

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Gypsy's Kiss, the band that paved the way for Iron Maiden. Dive into the story of how it all began with Steve Harris and David Smith.

Tony Moore / From Cart & Horses To Full Awake Tour

Gig Review: The Unique and Dazzling Tony Moore - The Awake Tour with British Lion | A Journey of Prog Rock, Visuals, and Friendship. Plus UK Awake Tour Details. Words: @pmonkhouse1 Photo: @rock_pixs @tonymoore @cartandhorseslondon @britishlionuk

British Lion / Steve Harris Makes Historic Cart & Horses Return

Gig Review: British Lion at Cart & Horses - A Night of Intimate Rock Anthems and Heart. Uplifting, universal and unbeatable, British Lion are changing lives. Words: @pmonkhouse Photo: @rock_pixs @britishlionuk @cartandhorseslondon

MetalTalk Venues / Cart & Horses, The Historic Birthplace Of Iron Maiden

The iconic Cart & Horses: Birthplace of Iron Maiden and a haven for Heavy Metal fans. Experience live music, history, and a unique atmosphere in London. #MetalTalkVenues @cartandhorseslondon

Steve Harris / British Lion To Play The Cart & Horses

Join British Lion on their 16-date UK Tour in January 2024, starting at the iconic Cart & Horses venue where Iron Maiden made history. Photo: @rock_pixs @britishlionuk

Steve Harris watches Tony Moore extravaganza at Cart And Horses

An electrifying night at The Cart and Horses, as ex-Iron Maiden keyboardist Tony Moore puts on a one-man show like no other, with stunning visuals and emotionally-charged songs. Words and Photography: Mike Chudleigh @cartandhorseslondon

Gypsy’s Kiss and Buffalo Fish to honour Dave Pawsey at Cart & Horses

Gypsy's Kiss and Buffalo Fish will play the Cart & Horses, the birthplace of Iron Maiden, on 19 November 2022. The fundraising event is in memory of Cart regular Dave Pawsey. @cartandhorseslondon

Interview: Thunderstick asks, “Who’s up for another 40 years?”

Barry James Purkis interview. From Iron Maiden to Thunderstick, Samson and 40 years in Heavy Metal. Words: @alexgillett1

Thunderstick 40th anniversary gig a triumph for live music and British hard rock

East London's finest venue, The Cart & Horses at Maryland Point, was the place to be on a hot Friday night. The event, the 40th Anniversary show of Thunderstick. @cartandhorseslondon Photo: @alexgillett1

Die Ego / With the mouthwatering excellence of Culto, the Cart & Horses gig is hot ticket

MTTV: Die Ego have released their superb debut album Culto and will be hosting an evening at the famous Cart & Horses in Stratford on Saturday, 9th July.Interview: @rock_pixs @die.ego.metal

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