ICE NINE KILLS / Fight back against Disney’s “too evil for children” claim is on

The 26 April 2019 show planned by Ice Nine Kills at The House Of Blues in Orlando was cancelled by the venues owners, The Walt Disney Company, as they considered the band “too evil for children”. Furthermore the US conglomerate also barred the band from visiting any areas owned by the Company.

Today the band have released a mini documentary, ‘The Disney Revenge Show’, which describes their return to the City of Orlando, along with a new merchandise line named ‘Too Evil For Children: Part 2’.

Merchandise from the band Ice Nine Kills

Spencer Charnas tells us: “Looking back at the Disney incident fills me with nothing but laughter. When I first heard about the ban I was perturbed strictly because we love playing in that city. But rather than mope and cry about it, I had the idea to poke fun at the situation by creating a merch line of beloved Disney characters and inserting them in slasher movie scenarios.

“This mini documentary chronicles our triumphant sold out return to Orlando and the chaos that ensued..”

Watch the documentary here:

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