Necrophobic / Details emerge of new album

Swedish Blackened Death Metal legends Necrophobic have told MetalTalk that the followup album to 2018’s ‘Mark Of The Necrogram’ is the be called ‘Dawn Of The Damned’. With no release date set for the album yet, there is good news though, as the ‘Mirror Black’ EP is set to be released 17 July.

The EP features a brand new track ‘Mirror Black’ , plus the previously unreleased live recording of classic song ‘Darkside’.

The band told MetalTalk: “We look forward to the beginning of the campaign for our new album ‘Dawn Of The Damned’ soon. We will initially have a single launched for the track ‘Mirror Black’. With this song we open the gate to the other side and start a journey through the pitch black depths of death.

“We also just shot a video for it, so look out. The b-side of the collectible 7“ single includes a live recording from our recent quarantine concert of the song ‘Darkside’. Welcome into the ‘Mirror Black’!”

The EP will be available in the following formats:

Black vinyl – 300x copies via CM Distro Europe + CM Webshop Europe
Clear vinyl – 200x copies via CM Distro Europe + CM Webshop Europe / USA
Transparent magenta vinyl – 200x copies via CM Webshop Europe
Transparent blue vinyl – 200x copies via CM Distro Europe + CM Webshop Europe
Transparent red vinyl – 100x exclusively from the band

Cover for the Necrophobic EP Mirror Black

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