The genres of hard rock and heavy metal have a certain allure to themselves. And in all honesty, they might not even be quite to the liking of many people. Even the best connoisseurs of music might find these genres hard to understand. There is darkness associated with these genres, and they portray the grim realities of life, death and beyond in the most unadulterated forms. Heavy metal and hard rock bands do not sugar coat life in mawkish treats and serve them on a platter for people to savour.

They portray life as it is, without any concession, which is also one of the main reasons for the genre to have a very niche based audience. Nevertheless, they also have a soaring popularity which, thus, also allows us to segue to the next section of the article. In this article, we shall talk about all the bands that inspired online casinos, especially that of online video slots.

These online slots, like the ones you find in www.usgamblingsites.com/real-money/, are a breeze that provides a break and relief from the much needed redundancy of the same drill of online casinos.

Guns ‘n Roses:

Speaking of hard rock and heavy metal and not mentioning Guns ‘n Roses is nothing short of a sacrilegious act. The popularity of this band is such that even people who are not much exposed to the genre have at least heard raving reviews about them at least once in their lives. This is enough to vouch for the excellence that the band brings to the table with their music.

Now, speaking of the band inspiring online slots, the scenario is quite refreshing. The online slot creates a virtual world of the band performing, and players feel like they are in the concert while indulging in their favorite online slots.

There is some good music, a very real-looking crowd and a feel like you are witnessing your favorite band perform live on stage. Some of the songs that the slot machine features are Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine.


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