Cryptworm / Spewing Mephitic Putridity is some of the dirtiest Death Metal

Breathe deeply because “the filthiest sewers of England have sprung a new fetid leak”, unleashing the debut full-length from the gore encrusted Death Metal duo Cryptworm, who will release the eight-track, thirty-three-minute festering offering that is Spewing Mephitic Putridity.

Cryptworm – Spewing Mephitic Putridity

Me Saco Un Ojo Records (LP)
Pulverised Records (CD)
Extremely Rotten Productions (MC)

Release Date: 11 March 2022

Words: Jools Green

Spewing Mephitic Putridity follows a couple of EPs, a demo and a split with Portuguese outfit Archaic Tomb and continues in the same vein as those releases, particularly the EP predecessor, Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence.

The sound is raw yet dynamic, frantic and unrelenting, with the guitars and growls coming in so deep and low, each note and utterance is like a punch to the solar plexus inducing an ominous feeling of nausea which for me is the charm of this album.

Vocally, it’s wholly indecipherable, but the atmosphere and effect created is the vital factor. The ground shakingly cavernous guttural growls also add depth and texture and help to ground the often maniacally delivered, swirling and spiralling riffs and drum work, which are also both deceptively complex and well-considered. This album makes a very exciting and engaging listen.

Cryptwork, cover of Spewing Mephitic Putridity
Spewing Mephitic Putridity. Each note and utterance is like a punch to the solar plexus

The tracks are predominantly tied together with a signature sound, the previously mentioned, hypnotically spiralling riff that pops up regularly. It adds continuity and also breaks through the more maniacal sections of the tracks adding a subtle groovy but filthy quality.

Spewing Mephitic Putridity is predominantly a mid-pace offering that breaks into bursts of maniacal delivery, but it also drops away severely to doomy depths and is full of surprising twists and turns in its direction.

Opener Disgorged Chunks Of Life, despite the ominous title, has an almost happy quality to the delivery, at least initially. I love the mid-point guttural scream, full of vitriol and insanity, marking the arrival of a more maniacal, faster tempo. Immense Cerebral Decomposition picks up the pace further, but a minute and a half in, it drops suddenly to a stomach-churning doom-like pace, gradually climbing back up to the previous chugging delivery.

Reduced To Liquified Mass is a veritable rollercoaster ride, charging along with reckless abandonment. Consider the title a warning.

The ear carnage continues with Disembowelment (Draped In Gore), a hypnotically dizzying number followed by Premature Entombment, which starts off slower, rapidly building to a panic-stricken frenzy, not unlike you might feel should you find yourself in this situation, so it certainly meets the remit of the title. Premature Entombment slows in the second half, possibly as the trapped individual runs short of oxygen with one final maniacal assault to the close. This proves the point, at least to satisfy my mind, that you really don’t need to understand the lyrics. You can just absorb the atmosphere and emotion that exudes from the music.

The hypnotic riffing continues with Septic Phlegm Asphyxia, which builds with frantic rapidity before a sharp switch midway with very phlegmy vocalisations to add a different texture (pun intended) to the sound. Still, on a more serious note, I do like this extra addition of higher vocalisations, contrasting against the lower vocals.

Amorphous Transmutations opens and continues like a crushing doom-laden juggernaut, slow, heavy, brutal as hell, superbly phrased for maximum drama and effect. With expressive gutturals, the pace finally elevates to those spiralling mid-pace riffs and beyond at the mid-point, repeatedly varying between mid-pace and mental pace to the close of the track before slowing to crushing close.

The final and title track, Spewing Mephitic Putridity, takes one final swipe at your senses. Cryptworm pulls out all the stops with acidic screams and guttural growls, spiralling riffs and plummeting drops that crush. Crescendos of cymbal work on top of the already maniacal drumming, a pace that runs from a crushing doom at one extreme to a full-tilt, hyper-fast delivery at the other. You may have run out of steam, but Cryptworm still have a bit more energy left, and they are unloading it all here.

Spewing Mephitic Putridity might be some of the dirtiest Death Metal you’ll have wrapping itself around your ears, but it’s also a damn fine listen and guaranteed to hit your chunder button.

Listen to the track of Disgorged Chunks Of Life at




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