Cart And Horses / The birthplace of Iron Maiden to reopen in March

Situated in London’s East End, The Cart And Horses is the spiritual home of Iron Maiden, and the iconic venue is set to reopen on 12 March 2022. The reopening party features Airforce, Buffalo Fish and Ion Maiden and has already sold out.

Sunday 13 March 2022 will see Steve Harris’s original band Gypsy’s Kiss and 4FOXSAKE play from 5 pm.

The Cart & Horses is where Iron Maiden’s tentative first line-up performed in early 1976 with Paul Mario Day on vocals. Until June 2019, The Cart was still supporting bands hosting live performances, but the planned reopening following a major refurbishment was delayed due to Covid-19.

“We used to go to the Cart and Horses every week to see bands like Slowbone and Dogwatch,” Steve Harris says on the Cart & Horses Wasted Years 2020 CD, “so it was only right that I would end up playing there with Gypsy’s Kiss, Smiler and then of course Maiden. A massive part of my history and great memories.”

Terry Wapram, Buffalo Fish
Former Iron Maiden guitarist Terry Wapram, at the Cart & Horses. Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

In an earlier interview, Cart & Horses owner and ‘Iron Maiden Legacy custodian,’ Kastro Pergjoni spoke about the historical importance of the venue and the extended family who continue to support and embrace it.

“I do feel the responsibility to maintain the legacy,” Kastro said, “purely on the basis of how much this place means to the music industry and especially to Maiden fans. It is worth noting our musical history predates Iron Maiden. Steve Harris used to regularly come to the Cart & Horses to see bands like Slowbone before he started performing here with Gypsy’s Kiss, Smiler and Iron Maiden.”

Doug Sampson, Airforce
Doug Sampson, Airforce. Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

“Many bands containing former Maidens started to play the Cart & Horses,” Kastro sayid, “to help raise its profile including Terry Wapram, Tony Moore, Doug Sampson, Bob Sawyer, Terry Rance with others like Dave Sullivan, Barry Purkis, Dave Lights and Paul Di’Anno hosting or attending events.

“All of these great people are part of the Cart & Horses’ family and continue to support the legacy of the venue through playing gigs, hosting meet and greets and attending shows and events. We also have had Steve Harris’s original band Gypsy’s Kiss, Dave’ Bucket’ Colwell and many other great artists, along with some incredible Iron Maiden cover bands from around the world.”

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12mar6:00 pm10:00 amCart & Horses Reopening PartyCart & Horses, London

13mar4:00 pm10:00 amCart & Horses Reopening Weekend - Gypsy's Kiss and 4FOXSAKECart & Horses, London

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