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16 April 2021

Arielle will release her next single ‘Inside & Outside’ on 16 April. The Fleetwood Mac flavoured track is taken from her upcoming album ‘Analog Girl In A Digital World’ due 7 May.

Arielle told MetalTalk: “When I was recording the new album ‘Analog Girl In A Digital World’, I thought this was the closest song in sound and production that I got to what my goal was in my head.

“Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ meets something new. The song is about finding the balance between the external, dense physical world we live in, as well as countering it with the spiritual and emotional connection of love.”

Four live stream sessions

Arielle will also perform four livestream sessions. For the first two streaming sessions, Arielle will perform her new album ‘Analog Girl In A DigitalWorld’ and previous album ‘Suspension/Dimension’ front to back, along with in-studio recordings and acoustic storytelling sessions.

Arielle says: “Since touring is out of the question, I wanted to make sure people could experience these albums the way they were intended.  Both albums feature succinct stories from beginning to end.

“During the livestreams, I will be speaking about the meaning of the songs and some of their deeper history, to take people on a journey that has yet to be told about both albums, maybe even beyond what I could do live.”

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