Kiske And Hansen Back In Helloween: Pumpkins United World Tour 2017/18 Is Official


It’s happened! Just like we told you here on MetalTalk on 22nd May 2012 (right here), Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are back in Helloween. The band have put out a statement and here it is in full.

“Drop everything. Drum roll. Here comes the sensation for all Helloween fans: you believed in it for years and continued to ask for it – now is the time: in Fall 2017, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen will once again mount a Helloween stage together and resurrect the band’s legendary original line-up.

“Yes, it’s official: Weikath, Kiske, Hansen, Grosskopf are going to play Helloween classics live and on a joint tour. Massive news. Awesome.

“But you might want to sit down again, because that’s not all of it! Under the flag Pumpkins United all Pumpkin Heads will step up – meaning Andi and Michi on vocals, Kai and Weiki and Sascha on guitars, and Markus and Dani in the rhythm section.

“Pumpkins United World Tour 2017/2018: Good. As. It. Gets.”


Michael Kiske said: “Playing an original Helloween track with Unisonic was quite a flashback already, but rocking with the original line-up and Andi will be something really special. The time has come!”

The ‘super tour”s first confirmed date is October 28th 2017 in Sao Paulo and takes the full Pumpkins entourage across selected cities and venues in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the US. There will be a few secret surprises amongst almost three hours of the biggest hits from three decades of Helloween as the band will obviously insist on performing a fullspeed trip through the Helloween repertoire.

“We already had an awesome time on the Hellish Rock Part 1 & 2, but this time we’ll definitely double down on it,” says Kai Hansen, while Markus Grosskopf adds: “There’ll for sure be songs that we haven’t played in a very long time or even ever before.”


The band are saying, as a whole that this highly emotional, special world tour is actually not a reunion and most probably won’t happen again.

Andi Deris stated: “I’m so much looking forward to playing Michi’s and my tunes together with him live on stage. It’s going to be absolutely exceptional.”

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