The Getaway summer festival in Gävle, Sweden which Manowar are scheduled to headline in 2012, is engulfed in a scandal and Joey DeMaio is about to fly to Stockholm to sort it.

joey demaio
“Nobody fucks with our fans!”

Joey is clearly upset and worried about how the staff and the fans are being treated by the festival organisers and said in an interview with Gefle Dagblad; “No messing with our fans. I am so furious and concerned about this that I am flying to Stockholm next week to sort out what happened.”

Apparently, employees and local suppliers have not been paid for their work during the festival and Festival General Tomas Jernberg Speed has threatened not to pay those who turn to the media.

Joey was informed of what was happening by Johan Jakobsson of who has published parts of the phone conversation he had with Joey, along with a message to let fans know that the problems have nothing to do with Manowar.

Joey told Johan; “They’re talking about money here and there and it absolutely sucks that people do not get paid! But no one talks about the fans. The fans are most important to us!”

“We want to play in front of our Swedish fans and we will not tolerate that they are cheated and deceived by greedy people!”

“Do not worry! Manowar come to Sweden this summer! We do it for the fans, everyone else can fuck off!”

Joey made the following statement on Manowar’s Facebook page on Saturday night GMT; “This is Joey, I have been contacted by the Swedish press and hundreds of fans regarding the Getaway Rock Festival and it’s many problems. I am in JFK on my way to Sweden right now. I will be meeting with Live Nation Sweden and Scorpio Concerts to find out what the fuck is going on. I will find out the truth and no matter what I will do all I can to protect the rights of our Swedish fans and all others who seem to be getting fucked. I will be holding a press conference. Keep watching this page Vikings Unite !!! Prepare for Battle !”

The festival was a huge success in 2011, as detailed in’s review, and Joey announced from the stage that Manowar would headline in 2012.

We’ll be receiving regular updates about this situation so stay posted…

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