Chris Dale’s Metal Meltdown: Take Your Pick Competition

How about a competition? It is Christmas after all.

Guitar picks, we all love them, don’t we? It’s one of Metal’s unwritten rules that guitarists must have plectrums (or plectra) with the band’s logo printed on one side and the autograph of the guitar hero on the other. These picks must then be stuck in a row on the mic stand and occasionally thrown out to the adoring fans.

They are the most desirable item in the super-fans’ collection.

Back in the day, I used to kind of collect picks at gigs. I’d be down the front, trying to catch anything thrown off the stage, especially at Kiss shows. Oh, look, I’ve given you a clue already.

So the competition question is have a look at the autograph side of the picks I collected in the 80s and early 90s below. How many rock star autographs can you read?

I reckon you should easily be able to get ten of them. Can you get 15? Will anyone get them all right? I doubt it myself.

Send your answers 1-21, as many as you can guess, to before the end of 2011. I want to know the guitarist or bass player’s name and the band they were in.

In the unlikely event of a tie breaker the winner will be the one who correctly guesses the most correct bands too. Bear in mind it’ll be the band that the guitar hero was in at the time I caught the pick that counts, so some of those band hoppers could be pretty tricky.

As a prize he winner will get two Mr Big pics, a Billy Sheehan and a Paul Gilbert from the recent ‘What If’ world tour, to start (or add to) their own pick collections.

Good luck and have a very Metal Christmas!

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