Austrian extremists Cadaverous Condition have been extant for over twenty years now, in that time releasing a half dozen ‘proper’ full-lengthers along with a multitude of other releases.

Yet your reviewer is ashamed to admit that he’s never heard a note of the band’s music until ‘Burn Brightly Alone’ turned up in his inbox one cold and foggy Spring morning a couple of weeks ago. That’s all going to change now, however, as ‘Burn Brightly Alone’ is one of the most beguiling and appealing releases these ears have encountered for some time.

‘Burn Brightly Alone’
Out Now

First track ‘Ghost’ is a deafening blast of old school doom/death that kicks proceedings off well but doesn’t tell the full story. Paradise Lost before the Metallica makeover is a reference point that looms large everywhere here, with the adamantine riffage of ‘We Knew They Were Coming’, in particular, sparking happy memories of Bradford’s finest.

But to simply pigeonhole CC as another bunch of brainless, trenchcoat-clad gumbies would be to do them a massive disservice. The album is studded with acoustic interludes that keep the music fluid and always interesting, with a marvellous cover of The Decembrists’ ‘We All Go Down Together’, in particular, crying out for attention from beyond the extreme music ghettos that the band will inevitably find themselves inhabiting.

‘Alone I Will Travel In Time Tonight’ is another earwax-loosening essay in brutality that swings as much as it bludgeons, whilst ‘Wicklow Nightfall’ slides guttural vocalization into a pretty folk pop bagatelle without sounding odd in the slightest.

It’s this willingness to add a pinch of the unexpected to their earthy heaviness that marks Cadaverous Condition out as being worthy of your attention.


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