Venom To Release New Studio Album, ‘Storm The Gates’

Venom, the unholy trinity of Cronos, Rage and Dante, celebrate ten years together with their new studio album, ‘Storm The Gates’ – a thirteen track outing which is set for release via Spinefarm Records, the CD/digital versions on December 14th with a deluxe double vinyl package following early in 2019.

Now approaching their 40th anniversary, the founding fathers of Black Metal have matured into a true force of nature – louder, faster, nastier and ready to unleash the hounds of Hell with studio album number fifteen. Produced by Cronos himself, this is the raw sound of a band who don’t need tricks of technology to make their point.

Venom founder and leader Cronos tells us: “We always say that a song has to find itself, has to develop. We’ve had nearly three years with these compositions, speeding some up, slowing some down, changing the lyrics, adding breaks, moving verses – that’s how songs grow, and that’s how you end up writing a better album.

“That’s why I don’t believe in releasing a record every year – you can’t possibly have let those songs develop to their full potential. These albums are going to be around a lot longer than I am, so they need to be able to stand up for themselves. With an album every year, I think you end up with two or three good songs and then a load of shit, and I certainly don’t want to release that sort of album!”

The songs themselves, including lead single/video ‘Bring Out Your Dead’, ‘100 Miles To Hell’, ‘Destroyer’, ‘Beaten To A Pulp’, ‘Dark Night (Of The Soul)’, are drawn from such passion, based on audience chants, insane mosh-pits of excitement, and that feeling of being part of something enduring and special.

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