Venom / The Heady Rush Of Hammersmith Odeon In 1985

Unleash the Power of Venom - Live from the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre on 8 October 1985. | Experience the Raw Energy and Impact of a Legendary Heavy Metal Band. Words: @pmonkhouse1 @venomband @cherryredrecords

The Incredible Story Of The ’80s Metal Europe Magazine

Discover the remarkable story behind Metal Europe, the Dutch Heavy Metal News magazine that captured the 1980s Metal scene. Hang with Guns 'N Roses, work with Motörhead, and explore the online Metal Europe archive with Marko van Haren on

Venom To Release New Studio Album, ‘Storm The Gates’

Venom, the unholy trinity of Cronos, Rage and Dante, celebrate ten years together with their new studio album, 'Storm The Gates'.

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