This is Turin / A dense and intense slice of technical excellence

UK Technical Blackened Death Metal brutalists This Is Turin return with another face searing EP, ‘T.U.R.I.N.’. The EP contains just three tracks encompassing a mere thirteen minutes, but it is such a dense and intense slice of technical excellence, that it feels a whole lot longer.

This is Turin – T.U.R.I.N. (EP)

Released: 15 February 2021

Words: Jools Green

The EP opens on ‘Misery’ which features CJ McMahon [Thy Art is Murder] and is “the soundtrack to complete spiritual discontent. Darkness will reign when the light fades” and This Is Turin’ throw everything at you on this track.

It is like a punch to the stomach. The bass lines come in low, heavy and dangerous and are bolstered by the riffs, with drum work that pummels your senses and searingly acerbic vocal growls. But there is this groovy undercurrent that also engages. A brutally brilliant track.

Next ‘Absolution’ which “is a call for mercy. It is a search for salvation, but not a quest for forgiveness. Absolution is finding redemption through condemnation”. It is a track which boasts some insanely good riffing, both hypnotic and technically impressive and this is the perfect backdrop to the searing vocal delivery, which comes in on two levels along with a dark undercurrent.

The final offering ‘Excommunicate’ is “a journey of losing faith” and probably my personal favourite of the three tracks. I love the higher bursts of riffing, which add a lighter, optimistic air to the bleakness and balances beautifully against the darker undercurrent. It is, like its predecessors, impressive in the speed at which the technical precision is delivered. The vocals again come in on two levels and I love the second half swathe of searing leadwork, which takes the track to the next level.

‘T.U.R.I.N’ sounds better and better with each subsequent listen.

‘T.U.R.I.N.’ is available on all streaming platforms. See also

This will appeal to fans of Abhorrent Decimation, Black Dahlia Murder, Decapitated, White Chapel and Aversions Crown.

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