Ghosts Of Sunset / Pure comfort music from start to finish

As much as I love great concept albums like Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, Iron Maiden’s ‘Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son’, Quennsryche’s ‘Operation Mindcrime’ and ‘W.A.S.P.’s’ The Crimson Idol’, I really could not give two hoots what the subject matter is.

And what is more, I do not care if they have spent ten years recording it, remortgaged the house and pimped out the wife to finance it.

Ghosts of Sunset – Headed West (Golden Robot Records)

Release Date: 5 February 2021

Words: Brian Boyle

And the end of the day as long as my hairy toes are tapping and my neck is jerking like a soon to be roasted chicken I am happy, so they could be singing about the French Revolution or their granny’s false teeth for all I care.

And my stance has not moved with this concept EP from Ghosts Of Sunset.

But if you are one for immersing yourself in every lyric, this story of the highs and lows of a Midwestern American Rock band in the 80’s might ring your bell.

But concepts aside, the music telling this story is a revelation.

The band are a front of house two-piece consisting of singer-songwriter John Merchant and multi-instrumentalist Todd Long and are backed up by an ensemble of musicians who have cranked it up, with the likes of Lita Ford, LA Guns, Enuff Znuff and Ratt.

So it is no surprise the opener and title track smacks of a young Mötley Crue, but with a little side order of Rockabilly.

The Glam flavour continues with the crotch thrusting ‘Another Rock ‘N’ Roll Show’ that is fully loaded with a pouting chorus.

‘Miles In-Between’ goes to the other end of the spectrum, with a hunk of slick and soppy AOR. If you can get past Merchant’s at times overbearing vocals, ‘Never Goodbye’ delivers a full fat wedge of 80’s authenticity.

‘It’s Not Over’ is a more sombre affair, but chains you down with caressing soothing melodies.

Closer ‘Try It For Love’ is them doing their best Bon Jovi imitating Bruce Springsteen, and doing a bloody job at it too with a tale of giving the finger to the big time being utterly believable.

A generous six track EP that is pure comfort music from start to finish.

Ghosts of Sunset – Headed West Tracklist

Headed West
Another Rock ‘N’ Roll Show
Miles In-Between
Never Goodbye
It’s Not Over
Try It For Love

Cover of Headed West, by Ghosts Of Sunset

Sleeve Notes

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