The Owen Guns / ‘Out Of Time’ reflects a political “choice between dog shit and cat shit”

Aussie Punks The Owen Guns are back with their second single of three, ‘Out Of Time’ and this latest instalment is another foretaste or forewarning, depending on your perspective, to their upcoming EP, ‘EP 2 Electric Boogaloo’, due out on 17 May.

From what I have heard so far two tracks in, it is sounding pretty good, so personally, I can not wait.

The Owen Guns – Out Of Time (Riot Records)

Release Date: 6 April 2021

Words: Jools Green

MetalTalk spoke exclusively with vocalist Sean about the inspiration behind this single and how it came to fruition, “This one is our attempt at a balls to the wall hardcore song. Checky had written it and sent it to us, but being a control freak I did not like his lyrics, so I changed everything except the chorus.

“The song ended up being written about the inept politicians on all sides of the political spectrum.

“After watching both national and international elections over the last year or two it has become increasingly apparent to me that we have gone from voting for the best candidate to the least worst. It is a choice between dog shit and cat shit now – no matter what you pick, you are still stuck with shit, but some is more unpleasant than others.

“We recorded the vocals for ‘Out Of Time’ at the end of a long day and I think you can really hear my voice straining to make it through, which is good – I really wanted it to be as harsh as possible. And I love the little solo in there too.

“For me, it is the most fun to play live. It gives us all a good workout.”

Cover of Out Of Time, by The Own Guns

Hardcore insanity

‘Out Of Time’ is two minutes of Hardcore insanity, the first minute an utter maelstrom of manic riffing, searing shreddy leads with an equally high speed vocal delivery, where Sean spews forth with well delivered, anger fuelled vitriol, with a punchy chorus “Out of Time, Out of touch!”

It drops back midway, returning with a catchy jaunt to the still rapid riffing and equally catchy backing vocals, an anthemic repeat “Woooaah-oh-oh!”

There is a whole lot jammed into this two-minute slice of brutality and, as a result, it makes an exhilarating listen that is catchy as hell, whilst making a valid point in the process – I love it!!

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