The Owen Guns

Punk and Extreme Metal / Looking Back on 2021: A Year in Review

2021 may not have been the year we have hoped for, but in terms of quality studio releases, musicians across the genres of Punk and Metal have turned adversity into triumph.

The Owen Guns / EP2 One of the best Punk releases of the year

I will say from the offset, 'EP2 Electric Boogaloo' by Aussie Punks The Owen Guns is an awesome listen. I heard their first EP 'Violating Community Standards' around last August and was...

The Owen Guns / ‘Out Of Time’ reflects a political “choice between dog shit and cat shit”

Aussie Punks The Owen Guns are back with their second single of three, 'Out Of Time' and this latest instalment is another foretaste or forewarning, depending on your perspective, to their upcoming...

The Owen Guns / “All of a sudden you are Gordon Ramsey? F**k off!”

Having caused quite a stir, to put it mildly, with their previous EP 'Violating Community Standards in August last year, the hilariously outspoken Australian Hardcore Punks The Owen Guns are determined to...

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