The One Armed Man / Writing material Kings of Leon and The Killers have always wanted to write

French rock bands seem to have an utterly and effortlessly cool persona about them. From the Punk Metal whirlwind of Trust, through to crushingly Heavy titans Gojira they have always had a style and commitment that is absolutely their own.

One Armed Man – #2 (Flying Cow Prod / Inouïe Distribution)

Release Date: 10 October

Words: Paul Monkhouse

This latest release by The One Armed Man grabs that Gaelic style and combines it with some big slabs of more typically Westernised Rock, the resulting mix a truly heady brew.

Over six tracks the band inject equal amounts of fuzzy, laid back grooves with some seriously fiery heat that shows that they can charm one minute and deal a punishing assault the next. Opener ‘All That You Say’ has a relaxed and gentle swagger that is bold and brave, switching to a wild and passionate solo that is destined to be a fan favourite over the years.

Photo of The One Armed Man

‘Infection’, ‘Live and Learn’ and ‘Connection’ are built to be played at arenas and stadiums all over the world, their supercharged melodies giving no quarter as they smash and soar, the guitars and drums locked in perfect harmony as the vocals declare a firm intent.

This is the sort of material Kings of Leon and The Killers have always wanted to write.

Elsewhere, ‘Killing Time’ comes over as a gloriously blissed out Indie anthem, an orchestral feel unpinning it with a majestic grace and highlights their range of songwriting skill.

Closer ‘Canyon’ is equally as impressive, yet again it is laid back and this time instantly transports you to the long desert roads and huge skies of somewhere like Wyoming.

Touching, heartfelt and sublimely serene, it is the perfect way to end this brief but perfect trip into the world of The One Armed Man.

This will totally get under your skin and you may never want to lose this feeling.

Sleeve Notes

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