The Now: South Wales Quartet Making Waves With Debut Album

It’s a delicate balance to provide rock music that not only provides an escape into a feeling of shared euphoria and letting yourself go but can also offer razor-sharp and heartfelt commentary on the world outside. South Wales quartet The Now have unlocked that magic kingdom, making music that makes you dance and think, often at the same time.

Already making tsunami-sized waves, The Now have opened for Reef and Florence Black, bringing their own uncompromising energy to every show, and it’s something that’s won the hearts and minds of everyone who’s witnessed them.

While they may be an incendiary live act, it’s their songwriting that really got them noticed, with their 2022 debut single, Holy, receiving international acclaim and airplay. Building on from that, further singles, Devil Inside Me and Live & Die, have been greeted equally as warmly, the momentum growing as the band prepares to unleash their first full-length, Too Hot To Handle, on 1 March.

It promises to be something special, a future classic that’s welcomed into homes everywhere and the start of a new revolution, the quartet of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Shane Callaghan, Callum Bromage on guitar, drummer Will Scott and bass player Jay Evans destined to have their faces adorning posters in countless bedrooms and walls.

If any more encouragement was needed, the new single Truth Always Comes Out In The End brings the anticipation to a head, an irresistible final taster before the album release. Slow moving and building with a teasing precision, it explodes into a kaleidoscopic stomp, smacking you in the face and forcing you to move.

Darkness and menace permeate its grooves, and a serrated solo slices and dice, but this breathless display of barely controlled fury is launched against the puppet masters who play with and then grind down anyone they can use.

The righteous anger channelled here is a liberating and uplifting thing, the sense of defiance a rallying cry, and once again shows the power of music to kick down walls and change lives.

All hail the soon-to-be biggest band on the planet. The arenas and stadiums are beckoning.

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