Slash: “I just love Emilia Lindberg’s art”

The Van Gogh Art Gallery has chosen artist Emilia Lindberg’s work for display at their booth for this August’s Monaco Art Fair. From Stockholm, Sweden, Emilia is also a tattoo artist, counting Slash as a famous customer.

Slash has several tattoos from Emilia, and he also has one of her painting at home. Slash has said, “I just love Emilia’s art.” From Alter Bridge and Slash’s solo band, Myles Kennedy is another musician who appreciates her work. Myles and his wife, Selena Kennedy, have a large Lindberg painting in their home. “Emilia is one of our favourite artists. Her vision and dedication to her craft is truly an inspiration,” says Myles.

Sofia Belsito, Curator at Van Gogh Art Gallery, told MetalTalk that they had “chosen to work with Emilia because of her figurative paintings. We were captured by Emilia’s imaginary worlds and her ways of portraying a very particular sensitivity, her magical gaze on the feminine, and its unique traits.”

Photo of Photo of Emilia Lindberg

Feminine is a style that describes much of Emilia’s paintings.

“Usually, I’m the woman, either as a child or an adult,” Emilia told MetalTalk. “Even if it’s not me in the picture, I’m in the room in one way or another, as it is my emotional life that is embodied on the canvases. Sometimes it can be in the shape of a bird, which then symbolizes that I am free and that we all should have the right to make our own choices.”

With her first exhibition held in Gävle, Sweden, in 2009, following this Monaco show Emilia eyes Berlin, a city she considers an “artist metropolis” in Europe, as a place she would love to show her work. “It’s a vibrant artist city with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, so I think I would fit in perfectly there,” she says.

Emilia runs Gallery Diva in Stockholm, where one of her customers is Tobias Forge, better known as Papa Emeritus from the band Ghost. “I appreciate her expression and all her artwork,” he tells us. “I bought one of Emilia’s paintings myself that hangs on my wall at home. Another piece of her art is tattooed on my arm.”

With the Monaco Art Fair coming up, the future looks bright for the artist. Emilia says, “In five years, I want to work full time with my art, and by then, I will have started making sculptures in wood and ceramics as well.”

Art by Emilia Lindberg

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