Premiere / Nightrage share new ominous and eerie single Nauseating Oblivion

Greek melodic extreme Metal band Nightrage have released their third single, Nauseating Oblivion, today via MetalTalk. The song is taken from the new album Abyss Rising, due for release in February 2022.

Abyss Rising is the final part of an album trilogy, following on from The Venomous and Wolf To Man, and this finale explores Nightrage’s vision where man has finally reached their own hell on Earth.

“Nauseating Oblivion is a different kind of song that Magnus and I composed,” Marios told MetalTalk. “It has darker riffs and an ominous and eerie atmosphere. I love the fact that even if we have different ideas, we always manage to make them fit for the band’s signature style without losing our songwriting identity.”

Greek melodic extreme Metal band Nightrage
Nightrage – Nauseating Oblivion

“To me, Nauseating Oblivion truly embraces what the album concept wants to portray,” Franco says. “A wasteland, the present landscape of something that was something sweet that only lives in your memory to torment your soul every time you think about what’s lost, unable to escape that feeling, like the itch caused on a severed limb.”

“I love dynamics, and the riffs on the song are very sharp and melodic,” Marios says. “Plus, the clean vocal break in the middle of the song brings some Pink Floyd vibes.”

Franco agrees. “I love the dynamics and how the second half of the song changes completely into more proggy ascending guitar riffs with lots of metallic sounding drums, beautiful guitar melodies and bass arpeggios.”

“Ronnie’s lyrics are about how we humans have destroyed not only our planet but also now are killing our own civilization,” says Marios. “All we humans are smart enough to know this, but instead of engaging with that fact and trying to do anything about it, we instead put our heads in the sand, ignoring it all. We let us all slip into the sweet, carefree state of oblivion at the same time as our world is falling apart around us. We reap the fruits of our betrayal.”

“This song has everything I want in a metal track,” Franco says. “It’s the Answer to a question that you didn’t know existed, but now you’re unable to ignore it.”

Inspired in part by Dante’s Inferno, Abyss Rising explores man’s continual destruction of the world we live in until the abyss opens up to consume all before it.

The artwork for the album, created by the phenomenal Jon Tousas, features seven arrows that represent the seven deadly sins, seen killing the three birds of innocence, highlighting the downfall of humankind.

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